Salman’s Alleged “Hit-‘n’-Run” & Aishwarya’s “Tell-All” Purely A Coincidence?

Salman-Khan-Aishwarya-Raisalman_PTI-lToday the thirteen-year old alleged hit-and-run case of Salman Khan will be decided in the lower court. The alleged accident that led to the death of one person and serious injuries to four more who were sleeping on the footpath in the front of American Express Bakery happened on early morning of 28th September 2002. On the 27th September 2002 Bombay Times/ Times of India published the story –

Salman harassing me, says Aishwarya

Afsana Ahmed & Smrity Sharma, TNN | Sep 27, 2002, 12.25AM IST

MUMBAI: Former Miss World and leading actress Aishwarya Rai says Salman Khan has not been able to come to terms with their break-up and is hounding her even though they parted ways in March.

“Salman and I broke up last March, but he isn’t able to come to terms with it,” says Aishwarya.

The actress says Salman hounds her and causes physical injuries to himself when she refuses to take his calls.

The Aishwarya-Salman affair had generated a big storm when the story hit newspapers and tabloids.

Though her family opposed the relationship, she stood by her man, only to be let down time and again by Salman, says Ash.

2008cannes1September 27, 2002 Aishwarya Rai’s explosive story – ‘Salman harassing me…’ screams out from the front page of Bombay Times. Same night – September 27, 2002 Salman Khan and Kamaal Khan first go to the disco – Rain and then past midnight, i.e September 28, 2002 they go to JW Marriott and on the way back Salman Khan’s Land Cruiser kills and injure people sleeping on the pavement. What a weird coincidence! I am not implying anything…only stating the terrible day in Salman Khan’s life.

Let justice prevail and truth win!


27 Replies to “Salman’s Alleged “Hit-‘n’-Run” & Aishwarya’s “Tell-All” Purely A Coincidence?”

  1. Laveena says:

    Sad, he’s been charged. He’s probably guilty, but it’s sad in keeping with the sentiment that he’s helped countless people, directly and indirectly, this being is really a very rare and kindhearted man. Whatever said, all good deeds cannot bring that one life back.

    Here’s what I heard, through some producer’s family. Apparently he did discover Ms. World in a compromising position with the lead Chalte Chalte star. Apparently that guy is not that gay.

    She acted all high handed with him, always making him wait on her, actually like a driver! Due to which, he being hot tempered assaulted her, slapped or, don’t know exactly. He shouldn’t have..she did treat him quite miserably, but still that doesn’t call for a beating. There’s no excuse for violence of any kind. She’s quite shrewd.

  2. VML says:

    He was going through a personal crisis, which implies that the hit-and-run was not premeditated or intended. That hardly matters though. How does only argue in the court of law on this basis? Whatever the background or his state of mind in 2002, he should not have driven the car a) after consuming alcohol and b) given his state of mind at that time. Either way, there has been enough intervention to drag the case on for more than a decade. His humanitarian image/work aside, he should serve time, which I highly doubt he will.

  3. AS says:

    feel bad for Salman. He has come a long way… he has paid his debt to society. We cannot bring a life back, but think of all the lives he saved with his humanitarian work. Those are lives that he brought back because without his help some of them probably would not have made it.
    The other side, is when folks like Ambani Jr can drive drunk and never pay for it. It sucks to be honest, sincere and let law take its course.

  4. Gkt says:

    There is a video of ms rai and srk on YouTube, looking at each other in a very flirtatious manner and literally ms rai looked smitten.

  5. Lovely says:

    The difference between the Ambani and Salman Khan incident is that 1 person died and 4 other suffered lifetime debilitating injuries. I think that this is a fair sentence considering what happened. And lets not forget the terrible fate of the police officer who stuck to his evidence that Salman was drunk at the time even though he faced extraordinary pressure to change his evidence. The higher police ranks closed in on him. He was even sent to Arthur Rd jail for a time. Was sacked from his job. Ostracised from his family. Ended up homeless and dying from tuberculosis absolutely alone because his family didn’t even know his whereabouts. Absolutely amazed that some people are suggesting its OK for him to avoid jailtime and sidestep the criminal justice system because he does such good human works! Do we know what was the exact motivation was for this humanitarian work? How many of us actually know Salman Khan personally and vouch for the fact that he is a good person – and why should we trust those people anyhow? Look at the ridiculous Salman sycophants on twitter criticizing poor people for sleeping on footpaths and blaming the government for not housing them – were it not for this court decision would they even GAF???? That Being Human charity – how transparent is it. What does it actually do – apart from sell merchandise??? Suggest that Salman sympathisers read the First Post article about how this case is an absolute triumph of PR and failure of the media!

  6. Unbiased Indian says:

    Wow i am just surprise how biased Indian public is towards him.Crime is a crime not matter what state of mind he was in. Think about the people who died that day ,just because they were poor it doesn’t mean there life doesn’t matter.

  7. VML says:

    What is with people defending SK on the basis of his humanitarian work? He may have done good humanitarian work, helped a lot of people but how does it clear him of what happened in 2002 and his subsequent actions to weaken the case by tampering with evidence, his defense team dragging the case for more than a decade, the fate of Ravindra Patil etc? Don’t forget he was also a bully who ensured Vivek Oberoi had/has no career in Bollywood and for what? A stupid, ill-timed press conference. Also, what does Being Human do? We keep reading reports of it in the media but it’s website has no details to offer on the charity work done. It’s not the most transparent charity org. There’s a lot of PR around it and adding to that is the constant reinforcement of Salman-the-guy-with-a-golden-heart story, almost to mythical proportions. No one’s denying his good side, putting him a pedestal, however, is foolish. This is the guy who can afford a lawyer like Harish Salve and get an interim bail in two hours on the day he’s convicted. If only he had confessed to rash and negligent driving ten years ago, he would have emerged a much bigger human being today.

  8. VML says:

    And while we are at it, can we stop the Aishwarya Rai shading? She had a fling or she hooked up with SRK as per the first comment, so what? Salman has hooked up with/had several affairs. That’s hardly a yardstick to measure. She’s shrewd but he’s misunderstood. Very well. None of us know what happened between these two, so let’s not shade Ms. Rai for calling off the relationship. If she’s no saint, he’s not one either.

  9. Lovely says:

    Lets not forget how he bullied, harassed and intimidated a journalist into taking down the tragic story about Ravindra Patil. Even now, that same journalist is afraid to republish that story. He explains it away as why bother raking up the past. But this is actually very pertinent in terms of exposing the very murky way in which this police case was originally handled. I imagine that the objection from Salman’s side was because it completely destroys his whole flawed hero with a golden heart image that he’s very successfully pedalled – which the media and the public have very gullibly lapped up in spades and spades!

  10. God_Shareef says:

    Arrey kyu paagal ho rahe ho tum saare.
    Who the bucker hasn’t dated anyOne here or there in his or her life.
    Aur ye to upar itte chutia thoughts aayi hui hai.
    The way ch**a thinkers boasting, claiming & copyRighting the aesthetics of gossiping in bollyWood.
    I say BUCK YOU to all of you.
    Stars are fancy. They are full of colors but deserve some privacy, sensitivity on human ground but not these bucking judgeMents by above thinkers.
    Enaaaaaaaaaugh FROM the judiciary.
    There are MORE WORSE CASES of drunken driving and more vunerable than this case related to other crimes.
    G mein dam hai to Ambani ki baat kar ke dikhaao.
    Zaleel ne kya kiya.
    Jalaao candle, India Gate pe jaake.
    Karo PUBLIC TRIAL. Dilaao saale ko phaansi.
    Ash ki baatein kar lo. KABHI mile bhi ho Ash se.
    Number doon Ashwarya ka.

    Saale, have mercy and TALK SENSE.
    SALMAN could me a monster but still better than lots of other fucking machines.

    Buckers are disCussing thats fine but then commenting as if they are chaadhie buddies of BachChans or Khans.
    Boasting Gases of NoWhere.
    As per Jack say, Let truth prevail.
    Aum Shaanti!!!
    Tumhaari maa ki choot.

    Salman ka naa jaane kya hona hai but Bigg Boss ab WO WALA Bigg Boss nahi rahega.
    🙁 🙁 🙁
    Aaj boht shaant peaceful bakk bakk bucking karrti hui God Shareef sona chaahti hai.
    Yaar badtameezi karo but not beyond the limit.
    EK baar phir tum sabki maa ki chut.
    Ass Holes!!!

    Tum sabbke andar ki God, tumhaari phati hui assHole hai.
    Get Lost!!!

  11. VML says:

    Please with your gibberish, God Shareef! Just because you use abusive, filthy language does not make your comment any more valid. In fact try to present your argument without all the slang, personal attacks and of course the gibberish. No one claimed to know the Khans or Bachchans personally. And because Ambani’s case wasn’t reported in the media or all the black money couldn’t not be sourced back into the country, it does not mean Salman has to be excused. Two wrongs don’t make right. So because Salman is a “lesser monster ” than other “machines” he should be free. Someone who makes such an argument asks others to talk sense. Very well said.

  12. Anita says:

    Oh, poor Salman was upset so its not his fault he got drunk and ran over people. Then lied about it for years while others suffered.
    Are you people for real??? Aishwarya was a victim in his as well yet some blame her???! For leaving an abusive relationship! Unreal!

  13. jack says:

    I personally believe Salman Khan was drunk n was driving.
    Rest you see travesty of law unfurling

  14. jack says:

    Shame-shame Dainik Bhaskar

  15. jack says:

    I personally believe Salman was drunk n was driving. His Devdas giri killed a man!
    Rest u witnessing the travesty of law…

  16. Laveena says:

    My response was in keeping with the post. I didn’t say she’s not a victim, or should not have have left her relationship. I didn’t blame her, all of you can’t read and decipher it seems. My point simply was, it wasn’t all sacrosanct from her side, it takes two to tango. And if she’s shrewd, I’ll say she’s shrewd. Using the press to talk about her ordeal is one of her many shrewd moves! If something is black, I’ll say it’s black. I don’t care about your judgment. I’ll judge. This is a gossip blog, and the domain name has scandal in it. If you want moralistic, righteous posts, maybe you shouldn’t be correcting us here. This is where we have our fun, gibberish included. Get lost bullies!

  17. God_Shareef says:

    Thamm jaa VML (Above Thinker),
    Tujhe to main, raat ko bataaungi.
    Gibbrie Gibbrie Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr….
    Aaj nayi chhodunghi kisiko bhi.

    Sorry fashScanians,

    Aapki God Shareef abhi thoda busy hai.
    Kuch acche acche, mote mote gaddon (mattresses) pe, kuch unnche unnche, ucchal ucchal ke, bade bade, mazze waale, kaam karrti hui, mote paise kamaati hui, aapki apni laado (adorable),
    Upar wale God ki ek Shareef Bai,
    Aapki apni kamaaun ghodhi,
    God Shareef, jo thoda abhi busy hai 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Aur sabse kamaa rahi hai, IZZAT.

  18. whatever says:

    Nooo one is saint. Let me put it this way. truck drivers do rash driving and if someone got killed they get max 6months jail (in most of the cases) and now after 13 yrs our system wants salman to be in prison for 5 damn yrs. the accident was not intentional. Yes that was a mistakes.. YES.. but think abt his family too. they all are also suffering for last so many yrs due to these court cases. This case involves salman so ppl are being so judgemental. Y govt. Is not doing anything abt alcohol and drugs being consumed by our young generations like a packet of candies. Being drunk and out on roads till the wee hours has become a fashion. Superr major issues in this country. Leave salman alone. He is a superstar so want to give him such severe punishment. What hapnd with nirbhayas rapists???? And u call us partial salmankafan

  19. VML says:

    Laveena, the point I was trying to make is that the Salman-Ash relationship as of 2002 and his state of mind then is irrelevant to what has happened in the last 2 days. A responsible person has the knowledge that drinking and driving not only endangers his/her life but also puts others in a dangerous situation. DUI is a crime. What happened between Ash and Salman is therefore irrelevant and I take issue with Jack for writing this post because even if Jack himself is clear about his position on the case, the article is suggestive of something that is immaterial, unconnected to the case. It may create false sympathy for a man who as we have seen has amassed unconditional love and sympathy in the last two days. It’s a triumph of his PR and like Jack said a complete travesty of the criminal justice system.

  20. jack says:

    Yes VML the Salman-ASh relationship had no bearing in the case. I wrote the piece the night before the Session Court judgement. I wrote it just to state the coincidental nature of the sequence of events pre the fateful day. I had no intention to suggest that the Bombay Times story led to the accident or that Sa;lman had reasons to drink and drive.
    I wrote about the coincidence…hinted about Salman going in ‘DEVDAS’ mode but I never intended to justify his drinking and driving. One needs a reason to drink…If u happy, u drink; if u sad u drink BUT YOU DON”T DRINK AND DRIVE! PERIOD!!!
    I am in no way pointing fingers at Aishwarya Rai or suggesting Salman had good enough reasons to DRINK and DRIVE. NO!
    This WEBSITE is a SCANDALOUS one and I write about scandalous angle that should be taken with a pinch of salt.


  21. God_Shareef says:

    So as per this Post Title which ends with COINCIDENCE, Jack has justified and LAVEENA & WHATEVER, fructified my thought TOO.
    VML’s ranting on my pussy cat is nullified!!!

    And i feel personally that my expletivity was too much.
    Sometimes you drive on wrong track ala Sallu.
    i say sorry to & to all my fashScanian lovers (though very few) & lots of enemies.
    Sorry baba.
    Aapki pyaari, paaltu (pet) God Shareef,
    Jisski God aaj bhi Shareef hi hai.
    🙂 🙂 🙂

    Thank you Laveena & my other Lovers!!!

    While writing i never adulterate, so last night i expressed MYSELF with free flow and in heart i was dead sure about the editing by Jack.
    But Jack exposed my Chaddhi 🙁

    i hate you Jack 🙂 🙂 🙂

    My attitude of tonite:
    Maah idiom is my idiom baba.
    Take it or $uck it.
    Yummy yummy 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Dainik Bhaskar teri maa ki aankh maarun.

  22. GG says:

    Based on first comment – So SRK demoted himself from Aishwarya to Priyanka Chopra?? I have seen that video that has Ash fluttering her eyelashes at SRK. I think it was after they won best actor and best actress awards for devdas. Well SK is no saint. Tampering with evidence and driving a poor guy to his death. However I don’t think he will be sent to jail and even if he goes it will be for couple of months or even less. Crores are riding on the guy. People don’t want to loose money.

  23. Laveena says:

    Everything’s cool now VML..

    God_Shareef, I am going to take a leaf out of your book and say Sorry to all. You don’t have to thank me, it’s nothing; you’re funny and you’re write-ups are entertaining, so do speak freely and don’t feel self conscious.

    Jack I can understand you’re upset, many publications and sites have lifted your stories and copied your posts, but you are going to outrun them all and maximise your gains in the future.

    Unfortunately people copy because they don’t have the patience or the understanding that you must toil to perfect and fine-tune, so they rip off others and take a chance on that which has proven to be saleable. This attitude must change in our country.

  24. rosy says:

    jack please we need something about the hrithik-kareena affair

  25. Vaibhav says:

    Jack, it was not a Land Rover SK was driving, it was a Land Cruiser…

  26. Shalini says:

    Dainik Bhaskar are such choots.
    I think it was an accident that there were people sleeping there. Wrong on his part to be driving when drunk. But we all know the way people drive in India. Any normal person could land up on the pavement trying to veer clear.
    What we need is the jury system and faster courts where cases get wrapped up in 2 years max.
    What still gets me is the pea-brained judge who asked witness to identify SK in court. With such judiciary, poor tormented folks think rich can get away with anything. Yes, rich like Mukesh Ambani’s son can get away but for really famous person like SK becoming a scapegoat.

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