Big Brother Vs. Bigg Boss

biggboss7-salmankhan1As you all know that Bigg Boss is a licensed reality show conceptualised by Endemol as Big Brother globally. But when it comes to comparing Bigg Boss with its original avatar – Big Brother, the voyeuristic reality show is like Doodh-Bhaat! Big Brother cameras follow you everywhere, even in the showers. Bigg Boss is too antiseptic. What to do??? We are like this only!!!


Lilly-Topless-on-Big-Brother-Germany-10Lilly-Topless-on-Big-Brother-Germany-22Here are some TV Grabs from Big Brother Season 10 in Germany. The contestant is shown in full buff soaping herself in the shower. Wonder who would have been the contestants if Bigg Boss followed Big Brother totally? Any guesses folks??? Salman Khan definitely wouldn’t have anchored it.

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