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Not much has changed in the capital since the dawn of 2016, but there are novelties though very few. With a new government in the center it is obvious to see the emergence of new players in the corridors of power. I am not talking about official players like top bureaucrats and cabinet ministers. I am talking about typical Delhi back-channel players who wield the power. After all Delhi is infamous Jugaad capital. The person monopolizing the privileged status in the corridors of power is a lady who has been discreet but power make everyone bloom. Corridors of power is savoring the pomegranate flavor! Is it too cryptic for you to decode? Well Gujarati lady, Anaar Patel is ruling the roost. She is the daughter of Gujarat CM, Anandiben Patel. Anara’s access to power goes all the way to the top, which makes many cabinet ministers envious of her clout. The buzz-word these days, if you know Anara ben, you have AAA (All Area Access) Pass. She is the lady-to-know about town! Anaar Patel has a mall coming up in Ahmedabad and her daughter is studying fashion in London and hence she is showing lot of interest in fashion industry.

Romancing in Koh SamuiWhat’s Delhi’s social-circuit up to? Same old shit! Oh by the way the infamous Ms. Date and Grizzly Bear are back together. Guess the adventure for greener pastures did not work out. The couple had a romantic New Year’s eve celebration in Koh Samui and on the way back were spotted cozying up like honeymooners on-board Singapore Airlines.

By the way…Micky Punj and his girlfriend, Vasuki hate the the guts of ‘yours truly’. Wonder why? A site titled ‘fashionscandal’ will obviously serve oily and fatty sinful comfort food and not gluten free vegan dishes to its readers. So if we write that Micky has a trophy gal, what’s the big deal???


katrina_fitoor1Leggy_1Leggy_2It seems  Hotties are all in their Forties. The women in their 40’s are grabbing the attention in Delhi. Was pretty impressed to see these leggy lasses all toned up, minus cellulite and the podgy knees sunning up in Goa. Nothing like toned legs but was pretty surprised by Katrina Kaif’s muscular legs until I discovered that she is gearing up for Mumbai Marathon and her trainer , Karishma Karachiwala is preparing Kat for a long haul. I am not a fan of muscular feminine legs. A taut and toned pair of legs are any day more desirable.

Men are still the same – Thadki but Jerky! Driven by libido but handicapped by performance, what else can you expect from the ‘Jerks’….



6 Replies to “WHAT’S UP DELHI?”

  1. niharika says:

    knew about anaraben last month. since our favourite bahu is out of favour

  2. Colossial says:

    So Anaraben is doing corporate favour now days. Lage raho.

  3. sakina says:

    ranbir has finally broken up with katrina… god_shareef any comments.?

  4. getdown says:

    Jack can you please confirm the rankat split?

  5. nefarious says:

    Is it for real or publicity stunt for FItoor? she seems to composed and happy after ending a relationship of 7yrs :0

  6. Priyanka says:

    Please please give some information regarding Rankat Break up. Seems like your post regarding Alia and Ranbir was true.

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