“Gurda Kapura Tey Chicken Khurana”

d97fd5c1f153abe94d0657b4e5d8ffa3_1432653419_200_thumbkapur-di-hatti-1-l-block-connaught-placeWhen this Bong from a small town landed up in the Capital, he was mesmerized by the new things and confused by a new dialect and a new language. When ‘yours truly’ landed in Delhi to do college from SRCC, he tasted Rajma for the first time. And gawd… they were potently more flatulent than baked beans.

Hostel mates more versed with Delhi took me to Kake Di Hatti to titillate my tongue with the flavors of famous Butter Chicken, Gurda Kapura, Keema Kaleji and what not. This nasty Bong got hooked-on to Butter Chicken.

unnamedSo I got adventurous and went on my own for a lavish dinner but my limited knowledge of Punjabi language landed me in soup that is still simmering under my derriere. Instead of Kake Di Hatti, I walked into Kapur Di Hatti and found Gurda Kapura dish can be served if I donate my Gurda. I landed in this famous jewelry shop and believe you me, for a Bhadrolok, Kake Di Hatti and Kapur Di Hatti sounded same and was indeed an innocent linguistic faux-pas.

Since then Kapur Couple make my Gurda Kapura in ‘Dum’ style. I don’t know the couple personally but yes I spot them at many parties. The couple is pretty famous for their animated post-mortem of parties and it seems they have incredible lip-reading skills. At one of these fancy parties, ‘yours truly’ was there amongst these “Delhi’s Royals”. Kapur Di Hatti couple don’t like me but it’s okay. But at the customary post-mortem hosted by the gossipy Kapur couple the bitchy pair narrated how they saw and heard ‘yours truly’ licking some hairy-asses from a diastance of 500 plus yards. They also overheard this pain-in-ass pleading for forgiveness from few distraught ladies and much – much more…A simple linguistic blunder is now savoured by the couple as keema. Chalo…they happy; I super happy. I am also designing a new chicken dish which will be sure-fire hit with the Hattis. In the movie ‘Luv Sav Tey Chicken Khurana’ opium was the magic behind the dish. Let us discover the magic behind Kapurs’ ‘Gurda Kapura’. Read it here within a week!!!

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