May Sonali Phogat’s soull rest-in-peace! The Tik-Tok Star who participated in The Bigg Boss Season 14 and also joined the BJP and fought the Haryana State elections, died under mysterious circumstances in Goa. What initially was stated as death due to heart attack has now become a juicy murder mystery on national television. From sources […]


#AintNoCinderella Going VIRAL

Women across social media in India have been hitting out at a male BJP politician, Ramveer Bhatti who asked why the victim of stalking, Varnika Kundu was “out so late at night” – thousands of women have posted pictures of themselves out past midnight with the hashtag #AintNoCinderella. Varnika Kundu from Chandigarh, Haryana, detailed the […]


On-Your-Face Opulence

When we talk about the ‘Big-Fat-Indian-Wedding’, invariably the mind drifts to opulent weddings of wealthy families from Northern India. Things have changed when it comes to obscenely extravagant weddings in India as Southern India – the wealthy families from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra have set the bar higher for extravagant weddings. The infamous mining […]


Was It BJP’s “Ladies Night”?

Most of you must be familiar with the ‘Ladies Night’ concept that is usually adopted by nightclubs and bars as a promotion to lure in patrons by offering free drinks for the ‘ladies’. Wednesday seemed to be BJP’s ‘Ladies Night’ (Co-incidentally Wednesday is the preferred day for ‘ladies night’.) as four lady ministers were embroiled […]

Anna Wintour Hosted a Fundraiser for Prez Obama

Now this is something that is unthinkable in India – A Fashion Editrix hosting a Fundraising Dinner for the Country’s Premier. In fact the very concept of ‘Fundraising’ is alien in Indian politics. Here the political parties still resort to huge under the table donations by Corporate Houses and Individuals to fund their election campaigns. […]