May Sonali Phogat’s soull rest-in-peace! The Tik-Tok Star who participated in The Bigg Boss Season 14 and also joined the BJP and fought the Haryana State elections, died under mysterious circumstances in Goa.

What initially was stated as death due to heart attack has now become a juicy murder mystery on national television.

From sources and various videos that we are now seeing, it is quiet evident that she had a cardiac arrest because of overdosing on drug called MDMA or what is known on the streets as Molly (methylenedioxymethamphetamine). Molly is a prevalent party drug in India and in Goa it’s rather easy to score. It comes in a crystalline form and it easily dissolves in liquid without leaving behind any taste or colour. Hence it’s many a times used stealthily by folks with nefarious intentions. A drink spiked with MDMA will cause psychoactive reactions with sudden burst of energy. But it simultaneously will cause dehydration, cold-sweat.

What we are getting to know that Sonali was allegedly stealthily given hard drug like Molly spiked in a drink in huge quantity, like 1.5grams at a go. Now news is percolating that she was given Molly at 7pm in the evening before dinner and then again at The Curlies post midnight. 

Molly is kind of a ploy used by men seeking to take advantage of an unsuspecting woman’s unhinged state. It’s prevalent in parties and women need to be on guard to take drink from others. But here we can’t blame Sonali Phogat because as alleged, the drink was spiked by Sudhir Sangwan, her PA and Sukhwinder Singh, her bodyguard.

Most likely the case will be handed over to Central Bureau of Intelligence (CBI) by Goa Police


  1. bhuvansuri07 says:

    I think the drug culture in the country is ruining lives with people not understanding the extent of the damage that happens with uncontrolled consumption.As far as the case is concerned its a plain simple murder and was done to control the persons assets and properties !!!

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