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daily-grind-goadg2Life’s a Grind! If you need temporary escape from it, I suggest you spend few days at the Daily Grind Cafe and Lodge in Goa. Sounds like an oxymoron – heading to Daily Grind for a temporary escape from life’s daily grind; right? Well it may be a grind for the owners of this eclectic place – Harkirat Singh Bawa and Joey Matthews but it definitely isn’t for guests rejuvenating there. I say this from my personal experience there the past fortnight. To maintain objectivity. I must state that I payed for my travel and stay at the Daily Grind, Goa so am under no obligation to blow-horn about them. Just like I was under no pressure to voice my disgust about Anahata Retreat that is owned by a friend’s family. Hospitality is a delicate business that isn’t realized by Anahata and is further spoilt by some rogue and boisterous friends of the owners.


dg4dg5Nestled in a quiet surroundings of Aarambol, Daily Grind is a quaint place that would make you feel fresh because of greenery, fresh air and delicate nuances the place offers. The three-storey lodge has big rooms and it’s the rare touch of fine hospitality that makes the stay nice. Where would you get served almost bespoke lunch cooked by passionate chef cum co-owner Joey Matthews. The lunch is served with wholesome love that you experience eating at home. The cafe serves exotic coffee made from beans imported from various coffee growing countries. Owner, Harkirat Bawa is a cool dude who is ever-ready to solve your problems if you got one and the Daily Grind manager, Rahul Verma is affable and patient enough to be the ideal ‘Man-Friday”.

The beautiful Aarambol Beach, which is uncluttered and clean compared to the other Goa beaches is just a couple of hundred meters from Daily Grind and for a change, DG Goa, is reasonably priced, in fact shockingly reasonable for the lunches and dinner I enjoyed. So next time you planning to party or escape from life’s daily rigmarole in Goa, check out Daily Grind!

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