Prince Rahim Aga Khan & Model Kendra Spears Tied-the-Knot in Manav Gangwani creations

Prince Rahim Aga Khan_Kendra SpearsPrinceRahim_Kendra_MGAmerican supermodel Kendra Spears became a princess yesterday after marrying the eldest son – Prince Rahim Aga Khan – of billionaire racehorse owner, His Highness Aga Khan IV. The Seattle-born beauty, 25, wore a stunning ivory Manav Gangwani sari with gold embroidery to marry Prince Rahim Aga Khan, 41, in a traditional Muslim ceremony. After the engagement in April this year, the couple exchanged vows yesterday at the Bellerive Castle in Geneva, Switzerland.

Kendra Spears in Manav Gangwani SariKendra in MGIt’s quiet a coup for Gangwani to bag the task of designing the wedding finery for one of the world’s richest royals. Karim Aga Khan and his son – Rahim are one of the world’s ten richest royals and international business magnates, with an estimated net worth of $800 million USD (2010). Princess Kendra Spears is an achiever in her own right. She is a supermodel and has worked with all the big-ticket designers and labels. So how did Manav Gangwani get to know the Aga Khan family that has the reputation of being very discreet? When I called up Manav at Geneva, as usual he wasn’t forthcoming. Understandable as the royal families make you sign a ‘Non Disclosure Agreement’ (NDA).

naomi-campbell-manav-gangwani-350_110712011713Anyway Twitter came to my help and I did discover that it was supermodel Naomi Campbell who brought Manav Ganwani to Kendra Spears and Prince Rahim. The Tweets says it all:

Kendra Spears (@Kendra_Spears)
Thank you @ManavGangwani for the beyond-gorgeous sari! And thank you @NaomiCampbell for the introduction Xx


Naomi Campbell (@NaomiCampbell)
@Kendra_Spears @ManavGangwani your welcome baby Girl Mrs Aga khan . Congratulations to you and Rahim . Xx


I do like the ivory sari that Kendra wore and the ivory sherwani donned by Prince Rahim. Kudos to Gangwani. His networking does pay off and if my sources are right, Gangwani is dressing a Hollywood celeb!

PS: Please don’t copy this post and publish as yours…



6 Replies to “Prince Rahim Aga Khan & Model Kendra Spears Tied-the-Knot in Manav Gangwani creations”

  1. Pratiti says:

    It has already been copied by Mumbai Mirror today with the couple pic

  2. jack says:

    Pratiti thanks for informing me.
    I kind of expected Mumbai Mirror to do so as they don’t have any ethics…

  3. Anu says:

    Missmalini has also copied your content, but has been a bit smart about it. They have put some elbow grease to make their article “sound” different, same twitter sources cited, and some additional leg work to get diff pics. However, main outline follows the same direction as yours.
    Couldnt have expected MM to do any better. Sigh. The state of bloggojournalism today.

  4. Anon says:

    arrey that is major achievement for missmalini to copy jack. poor blog. all that is left is to cover suchirta pillai birthday party with no name people.

  5. ally says:

    Jack – why don’t you watermark your pictures?

  6. God_ShaReef says:

    Saala ChittiMaar HarrrRaaamKhorzZz
    …. Cheaters these Paid News Walas

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