Absolute Fashion Fiasco

Sangeeta Bahl_Fashion FiascoSangeeta Bahl_Fashion FiascoEven a layman knows that fashion is not about blindly following a fad but more about flattering your individual look and style. But then general knowledge is not-so-general.

Umesh Dutt_Night Robe_Pawan SachdevaSangeeta Bahl please don’t mind my suggestion that you should get rid of those halter-neck pieces on OLX or Ebay. ‘Well endowed’ lady like you should avoid such risque tops. It’s like Sunny Deol wearing one. You get my point???

Umesh Dutt may not have had the privilege of looking at a mirror before donning this shiny, printed jacket designed by Pawan Sachdeva. The designer could have used the bright floral print for exotic night-robes.


12 Replies to “Absolute Fashion Fiasco”

  1. arvind khanduri says:

    do u really think all these people u run down ..are actually even worth discussing.move on jack..there are better thing and people in life..and as for these jokers.. they really dont have mirrors at home..

  2. raam says:

    excellent ! so tired to these wanna be fads ! pseudo s

  3. God_ShaReeF says:

    Arvind Khanduri & Raam, the above Commentators,
    Yaar aap log mera mann ka baat kaise jaante.
    Chalo theek.
    Aap likh diya, apna aaj ka chhutti.
    But ye bhi to bataana hi padhega na…
    So here’s ma comment in relation with the post & gut feelings of respected commentators.
    These Jokers of Page3 Circus spooked the party scene since some MohenJoDaro Circa.
    You die, me die, these wannabes NEVER DIE.
    Please accept this before we all die.
    And surely surely these MISFITS @ FashScan SHOULD BE “platooned arrivals” sometimes for some COMIC RELIEF.
    Ye bhi to life mein jaroori hai baba…
    Such a Masala.
    And then where would you find Dutt couple’s most most matching sofa cover kinda kimono-ished something what they have been wearing naa…
    The Dutt Couple really give jitters to THAT AnjaleeArjun “seperated at birth” couple in the Department of Looks & Spooks.

    God Shareef
    Kya aapke andar ka god, shareef hai 🙂

  4. jack says:

    Thank You God Shareef!

  5. Colossial says:

    Meenakshi Dutt apparently runs a beauty salon why she is wearing a foundation 2 shades lighter and ghastly makeup. And her clothes remind me of some curtains. Money can not really buy style and the Dutts are the biggest proof.

  6. God_ShaReeF says:

    Thank you Mr Jack!
    Mata Rani bless you YOUR Rose in the wake of Valentines
    ♥♡♥♡♥ this I Pray…
    Happy Valentines to all lovers of #$/&^/$#
    @ FashScan
    Aapki/a God Shareef
    Kya aapke andar ka god, shareef hai

  7. Melody says:

    Meenakshi Dutt is the most overrated beautician I’ve seen…Malviya Nagar ki “wannabe” James Bond – that’s where her salon is, right?

  8. sang says:

    God_ShaReef u are damn Hillarious. I love reading your comments. 🙂
    Jack, pls post something on BW.
    Wonder what Meenakshi Dutt’s kids have to say abt her Gawdy makeup.

  9. Ritzi says:

    @ Sang, what is BW?

  10. God_ShaReeF says:

    Thank you Sang @ FashScan for Mugli Ghutti 555…
    AaHaa meetthi meetthi

  11. Colossial says:

    @sang I do know some relatives of Dutt family and believe me they do such pathetic makeup to make themselves look pale.So for her children its normal.

  12. sang says:

    @ Ritzi, BW = Bollywood
    @ Colossial, damn.. i shud have known they all r d same 😛

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