Was It Pepper Spray Or ‘AAP’ Bomb?

pepper-spray-attack-585x405What happened within the Indian Parliament on Thursday afternoon was shockingly disgusting. The din over forming of the new state – Telengana brought out such traits amongst our parliamentarians that less said about it, the best it is.

AAP BOMB-arvind-kejriwal-cough-syrupWhen I saw the images of MPs walking out of the Parliament coughing furiously, I thought some Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) sympathiser set-off the ‘AAP’ Bomb that left the Parliamentarians coughing their lungs out. Patented by AAp’s head – Arvind Kejriwal, ‘AAP’ Bomb causes incessant coughing. The side-effect of ‘AAP’ Bomb is so serious that coughing doesn’t stop. Social and Political commentator, Suhel Seth has requested the manufacturers of Benadryl Cough Syrup to come out with a new formulation to cure Kejriwal’s cough.

IN13_PARLIAMENT_SE_1754768fBut I was proven wrong. The Parliament wasn’t terrorised by ‘AAP’ Bomb but Pepper Spray that was generously sprayed by a Telegu MP – Langdapati Rajagopal. Imagine if he wasn’t langda, how much more damage he could have had done. Some might find it unappropriate on my part to use such pun over serious issues. But hey who can take these people seriously. Our Chief Minister is rewarding people who break law and is on FIR filing spree and our MPs are spraying pepper, getting into fisticuffs and brandishing knives. SHAME!

2 Replies to “Was It Pepper Spray Or ‘AAP’ Bomb?”

  1. Colossial says:

    true said Jack.
    Sometimes Kejiriwal really sounds like a teenager fulfil my demands or resigns resembles a tween demanding the latest clothes from his/her parents or he/she will run away from the home

  2. srujan says:

    typo.. its not langdapati. it is actually ‘lanjapati’. a concise word for his caste and antics

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