AAP Toh Aisa Na Kijiye

feudal lord KejriwalAam Aadmi Party (AAP) and its leading man – Arvind Kejriwal has definitely brought in a new culture in India’s politics. But then this photograph shattered some of those beliefs. Men tying up Arvind Kejriwal’s shoe laces was the last thing I expected to see. It wasn’t shocking to see mayawatishoe295men wiping BSP supremo, Mayawati’s shoes but to see AAP workers tying-up Kejriwal’s laces mocks of age-old sycophancy that exists in Indian politics.

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  1. A says:

    camera angle+illusion. From everything that I have seen and heard about this man, and from folks who have known him for YEARS (like 15+) this does not sound like him.
    I would not believe these pics. The man is spotless. For everything else, there is mastercard 😉

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