When it comes to Fashion, trust Government to play Spoilsport

I fail to understand this step-childish treatment of the fashion fraternity by the Government, the Administration and all the Babus. We all know how an entire day was ruined by the Fire Department last season at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Now the Stae Government and its Administration is putting all kind of spokes to the hosting of Tarun Tahiliani Bridal Exposition and the Delhi Couture Week.

For some odd reason Tenting isn’t allowed and Delhi Police is refusing to give a NOC to Tahiliani’s Bridal Exposition at DLF Emporio. What’s wrong with setting up a grand tent where a Couturier wants to create a perfect ambiance to showcase his collection? Last I know, that matter is yet to be resolved and TT may have to shift his Grand exposition Indoors. Same is the dilemma with Couture Week, which is at The Grand Hotel. They too have been erecting a Tent outdoors within the hotel premises but Administration is creating a fuss.

In Paris Dior Homme showcased the collection at the Metro Station, in Milan shows are hosted at the famous Roman Steps but in India you can’t erect a Tent. How stupid and illogical can our Government Machinery be? The Babus and the Netas however die for passes to the fashion shows. I remember how Mayawati’s Chief secretary threatened of dire consequences to get 25 front-row passes for fashion week. They don’tunderstand F of fashion and just want to letch at the girls.

Damn this Babudom and pathetic stone-age philosophies of the Government and the Administration. For Trade Fairs the Government goes all out but for fashion weeks they put spokes. Aren’t fashion weeks trade fair??? Inko Kaun Samjahe!

9 Replies to “When it comes to Fashion, trust Government to play Spoilsport”

  1. VC says:

    My friend , the tent is still defined as a pandal ” for marriages” under the ancient law of of the land , no matter however fireproof or air cool it may have become now , the babus would only go by the book ” epics ” of our framed rules and regulations and laws governing them. this is a country run by corrupt politicians and even more corrupt babus ” so called Bureaucrat’s “

  2. Mike1 says:

    dude the problem is guys like TT use third rate event managers to save money and compromise on quality …and then they expect to get an NOC … trust me when i say if done by the book and well planned NOC’s are given …. and tents erected is the most random of places… so while the fashion frat is fret ..ting on both occasions the event manager has been the same bro….

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