More Conspiracy Theory on WIFW Day1 Fiasco

Mind it – this is just a conspiracy theory…

Apparently Vinod Kaul, Director FDCI was entrusted with the job of getting clearances. Now if you remember, Vinod Kaul was an advisor with JJ Valaya before his present stint with FDCI. The theory goes that Kaul deliberately messed up the Fire NOC so that Day 1 shows get cancelled and rescheduled on the last day. Why? Simple – so that JJ Valaya, Kaul’s former client gets to end the fashion week as a de-facto Grand Finale. Valaya anyway has a penchant for all things GRAND.

If this is the truth then, both Valaya and Kaul pulled up a real smart one. Whaddya say???

And did you know that Sushmita Sen travels with an entourage of 8 assistants? Yes she does. Ritu Beri got her as her show stopper and paid Rs. 15 lacs plus stay and travel of the 8 chamchas and chamchis that Sush tag along. Wonder what the 8 assistants are for? Can anybody enlighten???

6 Replies to “More Conspiracy Theory on WIFW Day1 Fiasco”

  1. saai says:

    hey jaydeep…………..just love the way you think!! will be reading more of your blogs to develop the skill of reading between lines, peeping behind curtains, reading thru one’s eyes, and all that doesnt meet the eyes!! LOL

  2. rahul jain says:

    after reading your blog one things come to mind fashion is going to the dogs ..sad that this is the country’s finest fashion body..which few people love to control…and what to except from this …sad very sad …..

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