Sobhaa De ‘Slam-Dunked’ By Viru

Viru_SobhaVirender-SehwagNever knew the Nawab of NajafgarhVirender Sehwag had smooth ways with words…as smooth as the sixes he hooked with his bat. Viru with his magnificent word-play slammed smarty -pants Sobhaa De on her wisecrack on Twiiter about Indian Olympians. A writer made to shut-up with fine use of words by a cricketer is absolutely amazing. Amitabh Bachchan will now become Mrs. De’s next target.

Ambani congratulates SindhuNita Ambani, Shobha De at the launch of IMC ladies exhibition in Mumbai on 16th Oct 2012 (54)The real reason behind Sobhaa De’s vitriolic comment about Indian Olympic squad was the fact that she wasn’t the part of Nita Ambani’s entourage to Rio. The frustration was vented elsewhere as Ms. De didn’t dare to rub Nita Ambani on the wrong side, hoping in future she finds space in her entourage.

Sobha_Foot-in-the-MouthAnyway I am so happy that Virender Sehwag shut-up Sobhaa De with such finesse!

14 Replies to “Sobhaa De ‘Slam-Dunked’ By Viru”

  1. stealthbomber says:

    Viru’s tweet is badass.

    What’s more intriguing is Amitabh Bachchan responding to that, given that, in the last couple of days, Amitabh and Jaya Bachchan inaugurated Dilip De’s *art* exhibition, where Shobha De was certainly present. Such is life !!

  2. FK says:

    She’s a De’umb suckup.

  3. Rite says:

    Jack, the tweet was originally from another Twitter account of a parody/satire group named Virendrsehwag (not Virender but Virendr). Sehwag just copied it. Wish he and others would give credit where credit is due. Nevertheless, yes, it was an awesome comeback.

  4. shanaya says:

    Jack who has the starlet Sophie got engaged to?

  5. God_ShaReef says:

    Ayeeeee… you… ALL
    May though, she may…
    WhatEver she said or tweeted…
    Dont forget…
    AA GAYE byChance or kaise bhi karrke 2 medals…
    But this reason is not too succlent and juicy to chew her up.
    Kya hota hai, yehan India mein…
    Saale sab foreign tours, ministers, most of the dopey-shopey players/officers/coaches/drunkards/junkets/media…
    Than all your fiascos like Common Wealth Kalmadi type APNA SWISS ACCOUNT BHARO type Desh ke kuttay…
    Aaj 2 medals kya aagaye, they start strolling her.

    Ye Veeru tab kyun chup raha… Jab Dhoni isski subah shaam maarta tha_Buri condition.
    Aaj isski lallo (tongue in haryanvi) ghani (excess slurping) chal rahi.
    People who can’t saves their’s (you know naa what?) shouldn’t press others tails.
    Idiot Veeru and the other parties.

    BigB to Amar Singh ka nahi hua, toh tera mera yaa kisi Dilip ka kya hoga…

    Iss desh mein mauke pe chakka maarte hi nahi…
    Bas mauka CREATE KARRWAA LO.
    IDIOTS… CHUTs of TwitterLannnd…


    Shobha ki God, abhi thodi ShaReef hai…
    Bas Yachtie Mallya ki naughty Nightie bandh ho gayeen…
    Warna aissh to sabne li…

  6. Ramesh N says:

    Shobha De is a witch looking b**ch and bottom of Page 3 crowd.. Any amount of money does not make one cultured.. she is a living example for this..

  7. Nefarious says:

    GodShaeef, pls spill the beans on the not so shareef Ranboo. His recent interview with masand, i could make out that he is one seasoned liar who plays the media well

  8. God_ShaReef says:

    @ nefarious
    You have answered yourSelf!!!

    He’s a Namby Pamby Momma’s Boy.
    Aur udar Masand ki PASAND bhi K Jo types hi hai.
    I have worked with him in Star News.
    PR karrwaalo uss SAY toh…

    Sab saale ChutamPalli hain…

    Hum bhi aur tum bhi…
    And this is how we all OVULATE our EVOLUTION…

    This is so haraami life, we all should love this.
    You love. You hate. You move…
    He’s such a shower jerk.
    Spain ki kasam, wahan ke beech ki kasam, ek KatReenaah ki kasam, aur
    Ek Ayaan ki kasam!!!

    (HERE MEANING) Momma Neetu ki kasam.
    Suspensive case while dating Ms PaduKone too.
    He’s a Mystery guy!!!
    Better, FORGET HIM.
    Idhar fashScan pay, aaise chuts ko bhaav mat ho.

    Kya aapke andar ki God, tadaf tadaf ke PR maang rahi hai.
    Better go to Ms Malini.

    Aapki khuli hui,
    Bohot badi,
    Fudakkne ko betaab,
    Ek chikni,
    AAPKI apni khujju khujji,
    God ShaReef.

  9. Alcie says:

    God ShaReef! suspensive with Deepika?! Damn it! Rumours about Ranbir being bi is true then. Although he sounds like a jerk, I doubt Deepika or Katrina are angels either. Kat has so many skeletons in her closet. Is it true Kaizad met her at a strip club or while escorting?

  10. nefarious says:

    Thank you Godshareef, you the bestestest! But ab kya karein, ek toh itni mystery bana rakhi hai Ranboo ne khud ki, ki curiosity hoti hai. aur chuts ko hi bhaav milta hai har jagah becos they make for interesting stories, goss. Altho, tumhare god ke kasam, i wish it wasnt so. But you are so kind to give the dope. Ab bus wait kar rahi hu ranboo ayan ki shaadi ka 😀 . they wil be the next Kjo and Manish malhotra.

  11. Ringo Star says:

    Those Spain pictures though…Salman made a comment on KWK, insinuating something about Photoshopping a different body onto the face/deliberate PR ploy…I have been curious ever since whether that was Kat’s or Ranbir’s PR outing those pictures.

  12. nasty says:

    Why is Deepika so nasty

  13. Nefarious says:

    @nasty, what are you referring to? What did deepika do now?

  14. Colossial says:

    Shobha De is not an exactly a smart cookie. She does not think twice before she writes. She has no concern for her image.
    Ms Nita Ambani is obsessed with her and her family image. Her PR team is really careful and searches each and every article written about her. Any dent in her image would directly harm the share prices of RIL. So it was more like a business decision to stay away from Ms. De.

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