Crash iPhone With ‘Text Of Doom’ Consisting Of Marathi & Other Characters

crash_iPhoneTech-savvy guys must be aware of this Most Annoying Prank! The effective power text,” also know as the text of doom,” has been crashing all iPhones that receive a specific string of Arabic, Marathi, and Chinese characters with the words “effective” and “power.” 

Apple have warned about the ‘effective. Power’ text, which causes your phone to shut down, and has advised on how to safeguard against it. This is a surefire way to annoy all your friends- a bug in the Apple operating system means that if you send this text to your friends, it will reset their phone.

iphone_image_for_a_3322669bThe string of characters are really specific, but if you copy and paste it into a text, it will turn their phone off.

 NEW: Apple releases fix for effective power iPhone crash prank

Only the people who know the characters will be able to send it to their friends, and once they do, the phone will crash.

It only works if you send it to someone who also has an iPhone.

Twitterati have found the prank funny and are using it to bug their friends.

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