Lara needs to keep an eye on the philanderer Bhupathi

As the much anticipated wedding of Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi inches closer to the D-Day of February 19, I thought I should share this incident with you folks. An incident of Mahesh Bhupathi’s philandering ways.

This was few months back when Mahesh was formally engaged to Lara that he was in Delhi with Raja Dhody. A li’l birdie told me that these two boys were real ‘Naughty’ and were having a gala time with a bunch of girls. Bhupathi was all over this wannabe actress.

Hope post the gala Goa wedding Mahesh Bhupathi will be a one-woman’s – Lara Dutta’s Man!

4 Replies to “Lara needs to keep an eye on the philanderer Bhupathi”

  1. S says:

    I hope he is faithful to her. His first wife was a sweety and so is Lara, and if he is unfaithful, he does not deserve her

  2. gorgeous says:

    hope he changes soon!! all the best to lara!

  3. books says:

    Very good content. If there were more writers like you I’d have more websites to visit when I do go online. LOL.

  4. Desie says:

    The wannabe actress was Ria Sen. And on a completely unrelated note, I’ve heard that Mahesh Bupathi wears Size 13 shoes!

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