In La-Hesh frenzy Shvetha Jaishankar’s 2nd marriage got lost

Our media is soooo star-struck that in the frenzy of Lara Dutta-Mahesh Bhupathy wedding, they gave a blind eye to the marriage of Bhupathy’s ex-wife – Shvetha Jaishankar’s to Raghu Kailas, the owner of Ucal Exports in Chennai.

I have my sympathies for Shveta because Mahesh Bhupathy tom-tommed on TV that it was love at first sight when he saw Lara at the Beauty Pageant. This was almost a decade back. Well if he was lost in Lara’s love, why did he go ahead and marry Shvetha???

Anyway on the 20th of this month Shvetha married Raghu Kailas, who’s a successful businessman and most importantly seems to be a nice guy. At least whatever I have heard of him, Raghu ain’t a womaniser unlike Bhupathy. Congratulation to Shvetha and Raghu!

3 Replies to “In La-Hesh frenzy Shvetha Jaishankar’s 2nd marriage got lost”

  1. kaushik says:

    Its quite shocking to know that Mahesh is a womenisor –i dont know why cant this people learn how to be loyal to their wife from Superstar Shahrukh Khan or Great Players like -Saurabh Ganguly or say from Sunil Gavaskar !

  2. Gayatri says:

    Sourav also was in a relationship with Nagma. I read Shwetha’s interview in Savvy in July/Aug 2010 and we can tell Mahesh really is a big opportunist. Once Globosport is established , ran to Lara to establish Big daddy productions.
    Womaniser !!! Lara and Mahesh are too chalu.

  3. nisha says:

    Shveta is so much prettier than Lara in a natural, fresh way. She found the right match in a decent guy.Mahesh did not treasure his first wife. Lara is extremely opportunistic and has been around several beds. She found the right match in Mahesh, a womanizing, opportunist.

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