Queenie & Rishi Sethia Finally Tied The Nuptial-Knot

queenie_rishiYes you heard it here first! Queenie Singh and NRI tycoon, Rishi Sethia got married yesterday. After years of dating Rishi and Queenie are now ‘Man and Wife’. For both It is their second marriage. Queenie was married to Raja Dhody and Rishi Sethia was married to actor Neelam Kothari.

Neelam-Kothari-Ex-Husband-Rishi-SethiaA grand celebration is planned for later this month at St. Tropez where ‘Q’ and ‘Rich’ (Yeah that’s what their friend call them.) will have a blast with their close friends.

Congratulations to Queenie and Rishi on their wedding!

8 Replies to “Queenie & Rishi Sethia Finally Tied The Nuptial-Knot”

  1. GG says:

    what is the attraction in her that men ready to leave their wives for her (e.g. Raja, Farhad)? I mean Neelam is much better looking and yet this man divorced her. Is it birds of the feather flock together. She is not stunning or anything and her dressing sense is awful for her age.

  2. Inquisitive says:

    Congratulations to the newly weds!
    Jack do you have any news on Priya Sachdev and Sanjay Kapur?

  3. jack says:

    Sunjay and Priya have a live-in relationship

  4. Vrushi says:

    Hey Jack i have read an article on your website about prince harry. Do know anything about Kate Middleton???please reply!

  5. gossipgirl says:

    is Shruti Hasan dating someone ? and what about ARK and Shraddha? broke up or still together? Jack do you have any information?

  6. PS says:

    Please give some goss on Deepveer and Rankat. Also, is it true Sridevi’s daughter is abroad for nose job?

  7. Anthead says:

    Was Queenie ever technically married to Raja? I know he and his first wife were never divorced – did Raja convert to get married a second time to Queenie?

    By the way, speaking of Queenie what’s the latest dope on Sheetal Bhagat Mafatlal? Did she manage to trap her Arab sugar daddy in marriage/

  8. CC says:

    Raja might have converted– but in the legal battle Queenie claimed she was married, while Raja’s statement was that they were never married. Not sure how it all ended, amicably of course– but her alimony bit is not known. One thing Raja, Rita and Queenie should be given due credit for– their children share a very cordial with their step-siblings, and I think with their step-parents too.

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