Gudda’s Ex-Boyfriend – Lalit Tehlan is Married Now

I have had heard that Lalit Tehlan, the model and Rohit Bal’s live-in boyfriend was seeing a firang girl. But I was utterly surprised to discover that Lalit is already married to this girl – Manizhe Karimi, who too is a model, based out of Pune. She was the ‘Fresh New Faces’ at the just concluded WIFW A/W 2011. Rohit Bal was part of the Jury that selected ‘New Faces’ but I don’t see any favouritism here because the Jury was rather diverse.

Lalit got married to Manizhe on the 18th of February 2011 at the Arya Samaj Mandir in Saket, New Delhi. He turned out to be a total Chupa Rustam! Look at the Marriage Certificate below.Now wonder who Rohit Bal a.k.a Gudda is seeing???

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  1. babyshrimp says:

    Great that he got married. Afterall sexuality of an individual is a psychological trait. As for marriage, it is above and beyond sex or physical relationships. All these Western ideas of gay -ism or stress on sex/ physical aspects are frivolous and transitory – biology withers away as youth lapses and age advances. It’s the Eastern concepts that survive a good marriage and is premised on the heart, mind and soul that drive care, affection, understanding, mutual trust and feeling of being there for each other against all odds in life. A decent Indian girl may find a man’s good heart or character or chivalrous attitude more attractive than any physical relationship.

    Unfortunately at times, sons of very strong, acute, highly successful fathers become psychologically insecure and end up with this issue leading to physical insecurity. However with patience,affection and navigation in the right direction things change for the better. Eg: Abhishek grew up weak and got labeled as gay. But Sr AB convinced him and got him married. Today Abhi seems to have become much more normal and both he and Aish seem reasonably happy. SRK figured in that same bracket but he makes it a point to communicate that he is happily married.

    By hanging around unmarried, unattached such guys remain vulnerable to black mail, threats and on the contrary ruin their lives and attract negative and dirty elements in society.

  2. raam! says:

    well you never had an interest of being a gay nor you’r the one ! wonder what people do to get work, you can even sell your soul. shamelessly posed his proud keep, now sold at family stake. finally relalised there was no money nor you became another Ram pal !

  3. VK says:

    Couldn’t agree more with babyshrimp. While Trehan was lucky to get out of the relationship, and find someone who was willing to accept him with all his limitations (if any) feel sorry for all the male models who fall for the trap. Ultimately, there’s death there– career and physical/ emotional health.

    Sexuality is a private matter, and two consenting adults have the right to enjoy any kind of sex they like within their walls, but feel sad that some achievers from the world of fashion and beauty glamourise gay relationships. And worse, exploit young men in the name of ‘mentoring’ them.

  4. RStud says:

    Mr/Ms Babyshrimp, are u completely insane??….I haven’t read a more ridiculous comment on any thread so far in my life…and I doubt I ever will…Seriously you need some serious therapy or counseling…western concept of gayism..stress on sex….eastern concept stressed on heart, mind…ha ha…too good!!

  5. Dear Jack,

    Your posts are being repeatedly plagiarised by Bombay Times and Midday Mumbai. Imitation is the best form of flattery, congratulations? 🙂

    My heart goes out to designer Rohit Bal, mending a broken heart sucks!

  6. vikash garg says:

    well i m feeling really bad for rohit ,

  7. Lifes_like_that says:

    @Rstud, unfortunately it has become fashionable to make psychological allegations– like what you’ve just done– calling someone insane and telling him to go for counselling/ therapy. Ironically, I’ve noticed (and in this case I’m not referring to you since I don’t know you, but to people I know and who’ve made such comments)– they label ‘others’ insane and suggest ‘others’ need help/ therapy/ counselling– but it appears, its they who need counselling/ therapy the most!

  8. godsownboi says:

    I dont know why Indians who otherwise are so ‘conservative’ when homosexuality is talked about are so concerned about other people sexlife???homosexuality isnt a fahion or a western concept nor is it a state of mind. its as NORMAL and as prevalent in the society as heterosexuality, the only problem being it is still not accepted by people at large.
    Lets try not to give it even a second thought, let people live there own lives … howsoever they want too.

  9. aj says:

    watever it may be…..Gudda is one of the best human being…one will ever get to know….he is brilliant….he loves people and people love him..that is what matters at the end of day..people come and go…dats the rule…life never stops….Lets wish all 3 of them a sooper happy life ahead…

  10. Sam says:

    Hi , I loved this one … Atleast some one has guts to write about what gudda is doing in the fashion scene and is bad example for gay people in this society … All untalented wanna be model variety like Lalit , they believe that they can walk the ramp by sleepig with few designers … That’s really sad … And in the last party I have seen gudda falling for some random boys in one of the society party in Saket 🙂 . I am sure u have noticed that too …

  11. swati says:

    itss gud one

  12. amit kundu says:

    sabse phele to bhai all the best aur sadi bhi life ka ek part h jo hota h ache k liye hi hota h

  13. Pendants says:

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  14. Drew says:

    ah another Gold Digger trying to take a final dig at Gudda! SAD! Gudda got another bf!

  15. maja says: you know who is the recent one???
    Let us know!

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