Has Micky Become Hubby?

Vasuki SUNKAVALLI and buisnessman Mickey PUNJ -There is a strong buzz that Atul Punj aka Micky Punj has married his live-in girlfriend, Vasuki Sunkavalli. If it’s true then it is good to see a sugar-daddy tying the knot with his candy.

Vasuki_MickyThe buzz about Micky and Vasuki marriage gets a lot of credence from the fact that Vasuki is now a director in some of the companies owned by Micky Punj. No other lady in his life earlier had earned this privilege before. Great for Vasuki who from being a model and a solicitor is now part owner of companies. The duo – Micky and Vasuki are spotted together in social dos though they are visible at select ones only. If they are now man and wife, congratulations to them!

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  1. Raam says:

    Well not yet scheduled in March , his son is back jack from states 24 . They gel good but I feel she is living like a shadow though she cannot deny the luxurious life she has been facilitated . There are certain restrictions but yeah she did compromised marrying a 52 when you are just turned 30. My best wishes to her

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