Sugar Daddies are Prowling on Instagram Models & Vice-Versa

For the uninitiated – IG Models in today’s parlance is Instagram Models. There are thousands of attractive women in the world. No matter where you go, you will see beautiful girls. Social media has made this even easier, especially Instagram. The image sharing platform has transformed into a multi-million dollar business for those blessed with sexy bodies and beautiful faces. Whether a professional model or someone looking to get into the business, Instagram is the ideal tool for people to flaunt their bodies and get noticed. The more likes and follows, the more chance of crossing over into the mainstream and making a career out of being a model or something else. The term – IG Models is a birth of this platform.

The platform has also become a playground for men with nefarious agendas and IG Models looking for a quick buck. Men are slipping in DMs to these models with indecent proposals and some are getting accepted. It’s prevalent on a more nasty level internationally. Some models take the bait of Dubai’s Emiratis and have some real ‘shit’ to deal with.. Just Google Dubai Porta Potty and you will be stunned with what the IG Models are doing for top dollars and luxurious goodies.

In India men are wooing IG Models with business class flight’s, five-star stays and gifts over and above mega bucks. If you see these IG Models traversing through the country and holidaying abroad, most likely there’s a sugar daddy behind the curtains. Now if you may ask, what the IG Models have to do; it’s absolutely no-holds barred. Bigger the moolah, wilder it gets. The men who are seeking these adventures usually target the girls who are putting up bold images and are seen constantly in different cities. At times the filtered photographs leads to sour experiences too but before moolah exchange a video-call happens. To put it simply, it’s prostitution on Instagram.

Not only men go seeking game on Instagram. It is equally prevalent that willing girls send men a DM on Instagram. In India I have known and heard of men hooking up with beautiful and saucy looking babes on Instagram and similarly babes are looking for a ‘paying customer’. It’s prevalent in Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Internationally Dubai is the leader. There are real mentions of IG Models where for top dollars they had to indulge in snuff stuff and beastiality. It’s insane and evil to the core.

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