Now that’s the Dutch way of Selling Suits

Dutch Clothing Label – Suit Supply came up with literally eye-grabbing campaign for their Winter 2010 Collection. And yes, only the Dutch can do this so Desi Designers please don’t attempt something similar

The daring campaign showing men in suits in a luxury surroundings with half naked women has led to some (intended) controversy and is already being reported on some news sites. The buzzes started on twitter with some commenting on the photo shoot as ‘inappropriate’ while others tweeted they are going to buy a suit as quick as possible. I am sure Suit Supply has achieved what it wanted – EYEBALLS.

But yeah, I didn’t know that wearing a snazzy suit gets you unobstructed upskirt peep and kinky sex.

3 Replies to “Now that’s the Dutch way of Selling Suits”

  1. riva pxenoh says:

    i like th shoot….something different, to the point, infact an evolved state of mind….wud think its daring in a good way…

  2. monir says:

    zisen traders

  3. Emma says:

    I remember there was a lot of commotion about this on Dutch news and media back then. Nobody felt it was a ‘good statement’ or anything.

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