Sugar Daddy Celebrated Sugar’s Birthday

Micky Punj_VasukiVasuki SUNKAVALLI and buisnessman Mickey PUNJ -Industrialist Mickey Punj a.k.a Atul Punj of Punj Lloyd has been seeing former model Vasuki Sunkavalli for a couple of years now after splitting with his long-time partner, Bindu Vadehra.

Vasuki_MickyIt was Vasuki’s birthday the past weekend and her lover – Mickey Punj celebrated it in style with cake, champagne and much-much more. I was rather shocked to see Mickey’s gone bald. Is ‘sugar’ making him tear his hair apart??? Naahhhh!

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  1. raj says:

    This vasuki chic is a gold digger, no. 1 ki pheku hai yeh, I remember her from 2007 when she shared an apartment with two more girls in uday park, she used to date avishek das aka bambi who is married to model vibhinita verma, yeh to kis kis ke saath nahi nahi ghumi…ravi krishnan, shaleen jain, the list is very long, she earlier dated a hyderabad guy called Sammy who claimed to be a diamond merchant but landed up in jail soon, Sammy had a grand b-day party for her at Cibo but till date hasn’t paid the bill of tht party. Vasuki herself claims to be grand daughter of ramoji rao don’t know how true is tht, I can write a full book on her escapades and fake stories not to mention the colorful past also, and her hunger for power

  2. Danny sip says:

    Well the old man I guess is getting what he deserves
    He’s a sly dog himself. Guess this match sure ain’t made in heaven

  3. Colossial says:

    Most of the CEOs I have heard are sugardaddies to someone. I do not understand why for some bucks they cling to men twice the age.Car and flat makes even the bollywood actors to be a sugarbaby.

  4. rswanp says:

    Karma at its best. …..eerie spot on raj n danny

  5. Anthead says:

    How this shurpanakha ki chhoti behen convinces loaded men to manao her janmadin is beyond men. She probably picks her targets well – height and baal challenged men would take whatever gets thrown their way. But even so, Mickey Punj went from Bindu to this? Umar ke saath saath nazar ki kamzori.

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