Tycoons And Their Trophy Gals

More and more business tycoons are going for ‘Trophy Girlfriends’ and splurging insane amounts on them. It is sort of becoming a trend with Desi Tycoons!

The most infamous tycoon and his trophy gal involves none other than  Mallika Sherawat. She lives in Los Angeles for the better part of the year. Mallika Sherawat has a penthouse apartment at one of the swankiest locations in Beverly Hills The Palazzo. Mallika’s two-story penthouse has a city view,  arched windows, city views, controlled elevator access (only she can use it to get to her penthouse), large private terraces and a personal swimming pool (5500 sq feet in area) with two levels a drawing, dining and kitchen below with two bedrooms above. And Roman soaking tubs. It even has an original Picasso painting. Now does Mallika earn enough to sustain such a lifestyle? The answer is a ‘NO’. The penthouse rent is paid by a NRI Tycoon based out of London and he is the richest NRI. Not only a penthouse, Mallika’s tycoon lover pays for her publicist, stylist and shopping and also allows the Haryanvi Sex Bomb the luxury of his private jet. In return Mallika has to make herself available to her billionaire lover at his beck and call, which fortunately is not very often as the tycoon needs to be very discreet.

The other business tycoon who has been smitten by the beauty of Hyderabadi lawyer cum model cum beauty queen – Vasuka Sunkavalli is from the Capital City. He had a live-in relationship for a long time with one of Delhi’s old socialite, which unceremoniously ended last year. Then this tycoon – who is in Infrastructure business had a short stint with an Afghani beauty but that too ended soon when the tycoon met Vasuki during Indian Grand Prix last year. If you still haven’t placed the man – well all I can say is that he is more known by his nick name, which is rather ‘Mousey’!

Yet another billionaire NRI is based out of London too. This man has a penchant for trophy gals half his age. In fact all the three tycoons have trophy gals who are half their ages! The London based NRI who is in mining and more is seeing Kanika Chandok and their alleged relation has costed Ms. Kanika her marriage. I had posted about her earlier. You can read it here: http://wp.me/p1C8a1-134

14 Replies to “Tycoons And Their Trophy Gals”

  1. T-man says:

    malika has finally found her calling…. vasuki aint no beauty…how does that make her a trophy?

  2. Laveena says:

    Take names!!!! How are we supposed to know? Except for maybe Mallika’s ‘beau,’ I have no idea about the others.

  3. Sang says:

    Not interested in others but only in Mallika… who’s he?? hint plsss…

    She was married earlier to a pilot from Haryana only… she met him in flight as she was an air hostess… that was a love marriage and her father was against it…

    Jack, her father is a rich man too… but yeah he absolutely cannot afford what you’ve mentioned above….

  4. sunshine says:

    I am super curious who is Sophie Choudhary’s ( yep that gal with the horse-like face) sugar daddy? …..Jack info pls. Whoever is Malika’s sugar daddy…I hope he puts a bag over her face before he does it……..

  5. Nicole says:

    Mallika’s sugar-daddy has to be LNM. He is the richest Brit.
    Vasuki is seeing Mickey Punj if I am right. They were cozying up in Amber Lounge last year during Indian F1…

  6. T-man says:

    have to agree with sunshine like LNM and Mickey too needs a bag over the face….

  7. raam says:

    It comes to me as a shock! Well its their personal life and luck what they seek, specially the one who is not an actress I believe they have a fan following rather other u wanna sleep around vis a versa better barter for each other

  8. Bhunter says:

    Sophie’s sugar daddy is definitely that we would like some light on, please. Is it Vijay Mallaya ?

  9. Tara says:

    Sophie’s earlier one was some sheikh types in Bahrain n then last I know was this guy in Delhi…Rahul something. He owns that tacky mobile phone brand Micromax…but that is now hot now cold affair

  10. jooce says:

    Ha..! Good work, J. Love how detailed the stories are. Picasso painting for the haryanvi…?? OMG, I’ll faint! And the building you mentioned is fab..! With rents going north of $6500 for a penthouse. Not sure if the last girl you mentioned falls in the same league as the ones above. God bless the gold diggers 😉

  11. Anthead says:

    If LNM pays the rent for her penthouse, what was she doing on Poonawala’s private jet?

  12. Anthead says:

    Also, not only is Vasuki fug, she also towers over Mickey Mouse. There’s really no accounting for taste.

  13. T-man says:

    Vasuki’s career is in the dumps

    with the diwali rendezvous mickey vasuki have just taken it another level – these two are just weird –

  14. Sam Williams says:

    Her sugar daddy is none other than steel billionaire Lakshmi Mittal!!!! Plus Mallika is not the only toy he has there are many other mistresses in many global cities that have been put up in paid for apartments by Lakshmiji……Good 4 u dude, ride those whores!

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