What A Dick-Head!

Rick Owens2_AW15Rick Owens1_AW15Designer Rick Owens may be the ‘King of Kink’ but sending down models on the runway in oversized crotch  peep-hole garments that gave the audience a flash of bare skin beneath as they walked – and in a few cases, revealed shriveled-up penises is simply taking it to the level of absolute absurdity.

ricknOwens5_AW15rick owens6_AW15In Paris at the Menswear Autumn/Winter 2015 show of Rick Owens, fashionistas did not go home taking with them the images of nice leather jackets, knitwear and beautifully crafted puffy-jackets but the images of ugly crotch-holes and peeping out penises. It’s taking shock-value to its limits and I think it’s mockery of fashion. You may differ with me on this but this cock-show didn’t augur well with me.

Boston Ballet's Afternoon of a Faun  by Vaslav Nijinsky

Famously, Owens isn’t afraid of dealing with sex as a subject matter. Last season’s show was a homage to a moment in Nijinksy’s 1912 ballet “Afternoon of a Faun”, where a faun masturbates over his lost nymph’s scarf. At the time, Owens said of the ballet’s climactic point: “Everybody in the audience, with all their jewels, are just waiting for this guy to hump the scarf. I love that!”


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  1. sej says:

    Hello ,i love all ur posts thanks for nt being timind and posting the truth abt celebs ..
    But please …post ..the truth abt jiah khans suicide…

  2. Jason says:

    You know nothing about Rick Owens so stop acting like you do!

  3. Lovely says:

    Hmmm. I don’t like it, but I think its interesting that no one bats an eyelid when women are exposed like this but its shocking to flaunt male genitalia down the runway! Remember that portrait of supermodel Stephanie Seymour in a sheer dress exposing her crotch in the 90’s? And now the most shocking thing about it today would be that she was not waxed!

  4. gayana says:

    please tell Me about aib roast

  5. jack says:

    hey I’m personally not fond of AIB Roast. In fact I posted about a similar junk attempted by Farah Khan and Cyrus Sahukar. In that I found the maltreatment of spot boys and staff on the set insulting and the language very crass.
    But then, it’s a free world…Some like it; some don’t and I as an individual cannot thrust my POV on all.
    By the way – AIB Roast did not have the guts to mess with Salman Khan when Sallu roasted them for talking something nasty about Arpita’s looks. Tanmay chickened out conveniently then…

  6. shivani says:

    The AIB guys got the publicity and then went on aplogising everywhere… Anyways.. Jack any gossip from the awards???

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