Guys and Gals here are three photographs and the three best captions for these photographs will win a Designer T-shirt (International Labels) each. Guess it is a good enough incentive to let your imagination run wild. The contest is open for a week starting today so let those catch captions roll in.

Here is a picture of Rohit Bal aka Gudda with someone at a party:

This one is of Celina Jaitley:

The final photograph is that of a woman enjoying her ice-cream:



  1. Awneet says:

    Caption for pic no. 1
    Whose FINGERS are longer?
    Caption for pic no. 2
    I can play footBALLS…..
    Caption for pic no. 3
    I love double trouble…..

  2. siddharth says:

    pic 1- Banyan ke peeche kya hai…banyan ke peeche

    pic 2- Come right in…the signal is green

    pic 3- Say no to discrimination…!!!

  3. Girish says:

    1)Yeah, Thats where we should wear a watch!!
    2)Things we do for money.
    3)No one can suck just one!!

  4. sid says:

    so who’s the winner…???

  5. jack says:

    Sid, will let u know in couple of days.

  6. Girish says:

    thanks in advance…

  7. Monu Sharma says:

    May I Help You? Caption 1

    It’s An Imported Kamaria Caption 2

    Two Hard To Lick Caption 3

  8. PB says:

    I like old school snorting from right there 😉 – Gudda

    Caption 2
    I am bushy but very smushy!

    Caption 3
    If she can take that in then mine would just be ‘half’ the effort! – The asian guy drooling behind

  9. Vineet says:

    Caption 1: Wish u got a hairy one.

    Caption 2: That’s my ATM machine.

    Caption 3: At last my wildest fantasy coming true.

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