The Ten Buzziest Bags Right Now

It-bags, while not quite as flashy these days as their Baguette ancestors, are definitely still thriving. Much like the new It-girls, they’re more simply adorned and low-key. But despite a lower profile–and lack of logos plastered all over–they’re still very much a thing.

To celebrate all the crave-worthy new fall bags I’ve gathered up the 10 biggest It-bags of the Millennial generation.

Proenza Schouler PS1: The satchel that launched a thousand satchel knock-offs is still on every other arm we see during fashion month.

Celine Luggage Tote: One of the most covetable bags to come out in recent years, we still can’t stop thinking about the hot pink version from this past spring *insert Homer Simpson drooling here*.


The Row Backpack: The Olsens’ way high end yet deceptively simple bags are seen on the chicest shoulders around.

Alexander Wang Rocco: This bag–formerly called the “Coco”–and its heavily studded bottom have been scratching up tables from NYC to Hollywood since 2009.

Reed Krakoff Boxer Bag: The dark horse of It-bags, this chic and ladylike bag is definitely for grown-ups, but it comes in a delightful mix of colors and textures.

Mulberry Alexa: The other It-satchel, the Alexa and PS1 have had a bit of an (imaginary, online purse-forum) rivalry since the Alexa launched. They’re both awesome in different ways.

Olympia Le Tan Book Clutch: One of the flashier bags of the bunch, these quirky fun bags fit perfectly into the gamine little hands of the It-girls who love them.

Miu Miu Coffer: Miu Miu makes great seasonal trendy bags, but the Coffer has had staying power, thanks to the ruched texture and that braided handle.


Victoria Beckham Shoulder Bag: The scrappy up-and-comer of It-bags, we have no doubt that this ladylike number is going to become a hot property. Just look how it sits in the crook of Gwynnie’s arm so nonchalantly. Perfection.

Louis Vuitton Kusama: OK this bag isn’t available until July 19, but we’re predicting that it’ll be the street style bag seen ’round the world come September and fashion month.

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