Anna Wintour Dined With Galliano Post DIOR Couture Show

Vogue Editrix Anna Wintour was spotted dining with John Galliano at The Ritz post the Christian Dior Couture Show by Raf Simons. The two were spotted by a fashion lover – Albert Pang who captured them on frame and then put it up on Instagram.

As per Albert Pang, “He (John Galliano) arrived alone and took a seat outdoor where I was, and ordered a drink (not sure what drink, I couldn’t see it because I was two tables away. The picture with a few people was someone from the table who knew Galliano, and they said hi. Then about 10 or 15 minutes later Anna Wintour came and she seemed very excited, with hurried steps to Galliano. If I remember correctly, they hugged. But I couldn’t hear a thing. Then they moved indoors for dinner.”

Yes the pictures definitely prove that Wintour met Galliano. What could have they talked about while dining? Maybe Raf Simons’ debut Couture collection for Dior and Anna probably expressed how lame and undramatic the collection was compared to the dramatic collections Galliano showed when he was with Dior. Or the tow may have talked about House of Schiaparelli and the iconic label’s new store. Galliano and Schiaparelli association is in the news for quiet a while now.

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