Zahia Dehar’s Couture Lingerie Line Is ‘Boobilicious’

I am pretty sure the Chambre Syndicale doesn’t recognize Zahia Dehar, but that hasn’t prevented her from staging her second “couture” lingerie runway show in Paris. Dehar, you’ll recall, is a former underage prostitute who made headlines for sleeping with a bunch of French footballers for payment. The French love her, as does Karl Lagerfeld, who’s supported her projects in the past.


Her second lingerie collection featured models popping out of giant cupcakes, and one picture even seems to suggest that one emerged from a refrigerator. But the grand finale was Zahia herself, dressed as the hottest bride ever, stepping out of a doll box.  Apparently Zahia really has a thing for showing off her boobs, as well as other people’s. The collection did so with aplomb!

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