Amy Winehouse Joins The ‘J’ Club

 Amy Winehouse, the Grammy-award winning singer who has battled addiction problems for years, was found dead on Saturday at her apartment in London, the police said. She was 27.

Now if you wondering what the hell is ‘J’ Club, well Amy joins the legends of Rock – Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, all of who died at the age of 27 because of Drug Abuse. Kurt Cobain and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones too died at the age of 27 and they too succumbed to drug abuse.

The police were called by an ambulance to Ms. Winehouse’s apartment in Camden, North London, shortly before 4:05 pm, the police said in a statement. Ms. Winehouse was pronounced dead at the scene. “Enquiries continue into the circumstances of the death,” the police said. “At this early stage it is being treated as unexplained.” But then it’s rather obvious that Amy Winehouse’s Drug and Alcohol addiction lead to her untimely death. Winehouse canceled her European tour last month after a performance in Serbia, where she was booed by the audience for stumbling around the stage and forgetting her lyrics. The British singer has been repeatedly treated for drug and alcohol abuse and stayed in the Priory, a London clinic that treats addiction issues, before touring Europe.

At the prime of Amy’s career – in the year 2007 –  designer KARL LAGERFELD, claimed that the beehived singer, who was nominated for six Grammy awards that year, is his new muse. Drug addiction, bulimia and a jailed hubby, troubled AMY WINEHOUSE looked like a walking disaster zone. Wonder what Lagerfeld found so AMusing??? And he has even compared her to Sixties French actress BRIGITTE BARDOT and said, “She’s (Amy Winehouse) a style icon.”

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  1. mentos says:

    i looked at her before the drugs pictures….she looks really pretty in those….

    drugs oh drugs….

  2. Raconteur says:

    Its not called the “J” club. Its known as the 27s, since all the musicians you mentioned died at the age of 27.
    You can read further on this romanticized club of sorts here ( and here (

    Further more, while it cannot be disputed that a majority of these young and talented musicians were substance abusers, many of them suffered from depression and a hypersensitive personality. Brian Jones and Kurt Cobain died of an accidental drowning and suicide respectively. I understand your need to compartmentalize and sensationalize these deaths as the results of heavy binging, but your article is also irresponsible journalism as well as inaccurate. Battling depression is a serious disease, and persons afflicted can use drugs, prescription drugs, self harming devices to battle the original monkey on their backs.

    Furthermore, Lagerfield despite his frequent idiotic public remarks, is still a respected designer. His reasons for citing Winehouse as a style icon were not based solely on her very public fall from grace. There are plenty of celebrities who are incoherent drug addicts around (Courtney Love, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc), but she was the only one with the most amount of talent. Don’t take away from her musical brilliance even if you must stereotype her.

  3. shama says:

    who r the actors and actresses in Bollywood who did or do drugs and which one is involved in drugg peddling? When people splurge obscene amounts of money on rubbish and their source of funds are not identifiable, and when these same people happened to be doing drugs you do put two and two together…

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