“FO” Says, ‘Roop Ka Deewana’

egcdbkinlsq6n72sk6mozmokr.413x591x1Life of a Blogger is pretty exciting. Some F**ked-Up drunk walks up at a public place and utters – “You toh FO!” Great!!! Who the ‘F’ are you to say ‘FO’ at a public place? If you are so F***ing mighty, don’t just utter FO and scoot. Do F*** Me Up. 

Such are some ‘F***ed Up’ dudes we gotta deal with who can’t do a ‘F”!


5 Replies to ““FO” Says, ‘Roop Ka Deewana’”

  1. Rose says:

    Why do you even bother for these people ? They are the biggest “Losers & Wannabe’s” in town and are actually just the scum of Delhi Society. No one even wants to be seen with this fucked up group. They are actually embarrassing in public to be seen with.

  2. SS says:

    it means you are doing good Jack! 🙂 the more brickbats you get.. the better your standing is… imagine someone telling you..’oh jack..dont worry, I’m sure you will do better soon.. ppl will read your stuff too.. its ok.. we still love you’.. does ‘fck u’ beat that? 🙂 I remember bollywood basket used to have the best stuff on her site.. got shut down permanently.. it was THAT good!. .you are the same.. fortunately you stand up to bullies like these…

    btw arjun and suzanne- for reals??

  3. jack says:

    So true Rose! I seriously don’t bother. Having fun rather and will do a weekly update on this frustrated loser n his desperate antics. I believe he wants that I eat betel leaf (paan) coz has been blabbering about giving some Supari for me…

  4. Anthead says:

    Looking forward to the update – carry on 🙂

  5. God_Shareef says:

    MR JACK,

    Maa Kudaao Maa Kudaao
    FashionScandal Zindabaad
    Jalne walon Maa kudaao

    Aapka God Shareef
    Jo Special Cell ka bhi saath deta hai.

    Saale khassiyon ka naam pata lag jaaye, dekho innki kaise polein (Mysteries of there inContinence CHAKKI suSu) khulwaata hoon.


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