Are You A ‘GOOD’ Indian Or A ‘BAD’ Indian?

Namo_LVnarendraIndia is slowly and strategically getting a redefined and so are it’s billion plus citizens. The State, that is the Government of India and the political party that governs India – BJP are everyday preaching new standards and setting benchmarks that distinguishes a GOOD Indian from a BAD Indian. The numerous bans, the dangerous troll attack on social media, redefining of education policies that tell us mythology is India’s real history and Babas and Gurus are experts in sermoning IITians on Agro Technology. The State also tell us how many babies to make, who to love, what cinema to watch and even set fashion trends.

To be a GOOD Indian:

  • You must not watch pornographic films even if you are doing so in privacy and you are an adult.

  • You must love Prime Minister Narendra Modi and if you find anybody not agreeing with NaMo’s policy and philosophy, you should instantly demean and threaten that person on Tweeter or Facebook or any such social media platforms.

  • You should not eat beef.

  • You should watch a Marathi Movie if you are in Mumbai.

  • If you are a man, your wardrobe must have short-sleeve kurtas, sleeveless bandhgala jackets and Reliance (Vimal) manufactured Louis Vuitton look-alike shawls to drape.

  • You must take ‘Selfies’.

  • You must do Yoga and must take Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali manufactured ‘Putra Beej Aaushadi’ (Male Child bearing pills) for Family Planning and forget population control and make four babies.

  • You must sacrifice your land if Government wants it to give it to Corporate tycoons.

  • You must be Humane enough to help former IPL Chief, Lalit Modi in whatever he needs.

  • You must bear the pains of ‘Calls Dropping’ and not ask much about ‘Net Neutrality’ because PM has a vision for Digital India.

  • You must bow down and respect new appointments made Censor Board, FTII and ICHR because they sang praises for Narendra Modi and promoted Hindu Mythology.

  • You must religiously listen to ‘Mann Ki Baat’ even if you have to desert somebody dying on the road. And if you are hit by a BJP MP’s speeding car, you rather die than ask who was in the wrong.

If you miss out in any of the above, you are a BAD Indian!

Sorry to say I did not qualify to be a good citizen and am a BAD Indian. My heart aches!!!

9 Replies to “Are You A ‘GOOD’ Indian Or A ‘BAD’ Indian?”

  1. Gurpreet says:

    Lolz.. am with u on it it….

  2. God_Shareef says:

    I am a good indian with maah fucking mann ki jhaant:

    Fuck these bastards.
    Saale sab madarKhod JHOOTHE hain.
    Rajat Sharma jaise GAANDU GALI (Today’s Media) walo ne paisa le lekar ADAALAT & Mann ki Jhaantein (Pubic Canvas swirled with ColorFul PAID MEDIA) ugaai hui hain.

    Sorry to say, but inn sab ki maa ki
    Aapka God Shareef,
    jisski aatma GAANDU GALI se nahi hai.

    MediaNet teri maa ko khodun.
    Saale Kutte ke Bacche.

    Mr Jack please kindly do not publish such truthFULL post.
    Bekaar mein kisi Gandhi, Jinnah, Modi, Chodi ko khod dunga.
    Thoo sab pe.
    Innke to bacche marenge.

    Raam Rajye aayega,
    Rath pe chadh ke aayega.
    Aadhaar Card ki kamaai se pet nahi bhara,
    toh nayi yojnaayein laayegaa.
    Daughter galli galli rape ho jaaye,
    par mann ki jhaant munndWaayega.

    Thoo. Thoo. Thoo.

    🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. VML says:

    Also, please give up your LPG subsidy 🙂

  4. Reema says:

    What’s wrong in preaching Hindu ideology ? When Muslims and Christians or Sikhs are openly boasting about their religions , why can’t Hindus feel proud of their faith and beliefs ? Why secularism applies only to Hindus ?

  5. Etios says:

    LOL Jack, relax, the ban on Porn is overturned. There are some retards trying to ban porn by litigation and filing PIL’s just like that retard lawyer who got sun-film on cars banned as it causes rapes, it is shortcut to fame for these good for nothing and out of job lawyers.

  6. jack says:

    I am relaxed only. I don’t get perturbed by such things…

  7. Richa says:

    Jack, though I am an admirer of your work but I must say you are way too biased against a certain political party and your posts appear to be super bitter as soon as any political angle comes into play. Please try and be more considerate for your readers.

  8. stalker says:

    As the tweet by xvideos says: Vote better next time.

  9. God_Shareef says:

    Aye Richa ben,
    Every elected party is mujra of demoCracy where a journalist always snoop like a dog.
    So being biased doesn’t arise, I think!!!

    Coming party in future will be butchered too, here in, if it survives with the PENchanted, glorious heart of “our” Mr Jack.
    And I must say again, this is what I THINKKKKKKK!!!

    And all NEGATIVE CHUTIYAAZ & PR People,
    Stay Away, you maader foggers, stayyyyyyy awayyyyyy….
    Its to easy to sniff the sugary PR/PAID asses.
    Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (listen to sound of howling)….

    Aapki Chapar Kanaati, God Shareef.
    Jisski ass mein, sugar nahi hai.
    Bas wohi hai jo hona chaahiye.

    Hai naa RICHA Ben???

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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