City’s Buzzing With ‘High-Profile’ Splitsville Goss

Time has not been good for this MAN as he is embroiled in a huge scam and his linkages with a lady outside his marriage has become the hot gossip-about-town! The man is a Steel magnate cum politician who got embroiled in the latest Coal-gate scam. He is one from the ‘young politicos’ brigade.

It’s not the first time that the man to get entangled in an extra-marital affair. Years back he was supposedly seeing the former Miss India (2003) – Nikita Anand – but then his wifey got the hint and the matter ended there.

This time the extra-marital affair of this industrialist cum politician seems to be ‘not-just-a-fling’ and the girl in question too hails from one of Delhi’s old and reputed business families and is a professional singer. The wifey is in know of things and as we say in Hindi – ‘Ghar mein Kurukshetra chid gayee!’ Hope the storm passes over as the wifey is really a very nice lady.

8 Replies to “City’s Buzzing With ‘High-Profile’ Splitsville Goss”

  1. Anthead says:

    Should his wife be pleased that Ms Anand bears more than a passing resemblance to her? I guess he has a type. If the wife is smart, she’ll seal her lips and move on. Last I checked, you don’t make much money giving Kuchipudi dance lessons.

  2. Nits says:

    If its true, the wife should drag his ass to court! She’s the daughter of a billionaire and isn’t exactly strapped for cash. Although I guess she’s too classy to put her children through this. Disgusting!

  3. Alyssa says:

    Can someone please spell it out for me? I havent been able to guess yet.. :/

  4. victor says:

    Didnt you hear about another splitsville Arjun Prasad and Pernia are also off

  5. ritziii says:

    Jack is talking about Naveen Jindal and his wife Shalu Jindal. I don’t know about the singer though.

  6. jack says:

    Hi Victor,
    Would like to know more about Pernia – Arjun split…

  7. victor says:

    Jack, Please feel free to tell me what’s you know about their split.

  8. Inder Choudary says:

    He is a thorough gentleman and we all admire him for the work he has done on the business front as well as for the nation…

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