Seems Neha Is Already Modeling For Her Chaddis

On November 13 Fashionscandal posted about actor Neha Dhupia entering the lucrative Lingerie business. The post also mentioned that Neha Dhupia intends to model for her brand of lingerie. You can read the earlier post – ‘Neha Ki Chaddi’ here:

Recently I saw some photographs of Neha Dhupia at a Press Conference at the Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai and in those photographs Neha Dhupia is flashing her knickers. Knicker Flashing has become very common in Bollywood these days but Neha Dhupia doing Knicker Flash is something extraordinary. Why? Well if you remember, Neha is a former Miss India and the preparation that goes into the Miss India Contest is rigorous enough to teach the girls all things ‘propah’. Yes the contestants are taught how to sit ‘ladylike’ in short dresses. Since Neha Dhupia was Miss India and that qualified her to go for Miss Universe, her training definitely was more rigorous.

So that makes me think if that Knicker Flash at the Press Conference was kinda ‘Teaser Ad’ for the lingerie label Neha Dhupia is soon launching!

5 Replies to “Seems Neha Is Already Modeling For Her Chaddis”

  1. Jooce says:

    heh…. That’s funny! It seems you take these knicker flashing (or sans knicker flashing) pretty seriously!
    On a different note, why is she looking so ghastly pale and made-up in these photos? What was the press conf about…? Twilight hindi remake with Neha as lead vampire?? ;-p Watch out Robert Pattison… u got competition!!

  2. Karishma says:

    She is wearing Spanx by the way… the body suit that helps you look slimmer and conceals cellulite as well ….

  3. Sardar says:

    Forget Neha’s chaddi.
    Tanisha Mohan’s greasy texts are already fucking your wallet!!!

  4. jack says:

    Thank you for the information 🙂

  5. udit says:

    whts wrong wit us…….so wht if she is flaunting her panties…….leave her alone
    its jst a wardrobe malfunction……….respect womens……..we r indians dont forget that………

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