‘Sticky Matter’…Umm!!!

Whoever once said that boobs-are-out-of-fashion was disastrously wrong. Plunging V -Neck dresses, deep plunging (almost navel kissing) neckline dresses are everywhere. Be it at the Lakers game where Bella Hadid showed off her Ta-Tas in the now famous ‘manspread‘ pose or Neha Dhupia oozing oomph in busty gown. Taapsee Pannu wore a scooping neckline dress […]

Seems Neha Is Already Modeling For Her Chaddis

On November 13 Fashionscandal posted about actor Neha Dhupia entering the lucrative Lingerie business. The post also mentioned that Neha Dhupia intends to model for her brand of lingerie. You can read the earlier post – ‘Neha Ki Chaddi’ here:  http://wp.me/p1C8a1-IU Recently I saw some photographs of Neha Dhupia at a Press Conference at the […]

Great Goss on Ritwik, Neha Dhupia’s Boyfriend

Folks, my readers have given me some very exciting news and I would love to share it all with you guys. Anonymously Yours, thank you for this info: anonymouslyours@gmail.com Dont know much about Ayesha getting hitched but what about squash champion Ritwik [better known as Neha Dhupia’s ex flame]? He has reportedly been seen […]