NEHA Ki Chaddi

It was a smart move for Neha Dhupia to enter into lingerie business. Lingerie is a Rupees 800 Crore industry and depending on how Neha Dhupia positions her brand of lingerie, the market share will depend. The very fact that she has stated that she will model for her brand of Lingerie, the market observers are optimistic because those advertisements of the svelte Neha Dhupia in lingerie will definitely grab eyeballs. There are many who say that Neha Dhupia has got one of the Best Butts in Bollywood. In fact a close friend of hers described her butt best – “G**nd Hai Ya Bramhand”!

But I am not sure wether Neha Dhupia is going to really design and produce her brand of lingerie. Whatever little knowledge of garment manufacturing I have, I believe manufacturing of inners like bras and panties are highly technical and highly mechanised. I think Neha Dhupia would rather go wholesale shopping to China for sexy lingerie and affix her brand to it. And please for God’s sake don’t call it ‘Neha Bra & Panty’ please. We had enough of Rupa so can’t take a Neha now.

Neha Dhupia is planning to take the Online Retail route to retail her lingerie and footwear, which is another smart decision because Online Shopping is on the rise. But definitely the USP of the Brand lies in Neha Dhupia modelling for her brand, titillating with her sexy bod from large billboards and magazine spreads.

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  1. simply says:

    I need to thanks for posting this text while not the usual bias that’s so prevalent in today’s writings. This content is simple information.

  2. amy says:

    there is no doubt neha ass is really tempting

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