Sexy Women Love Agent Provocateur

I simply love the saucy lingerie brand – Agent Provocateur!  Agent Provocateur was founded by Joseph Corré, the son of Vivienne Westwood, and his now ex-wife Serena Rees in 1994. Rees–tired of seeing women dress in drab under garments–came up with an idea to start a lingerie store that was filled with colorful and fashion-forward lingerie. The couple initially set out to sell the best lingerie from around the world. After not finding enough of what they liked, the couple decided to create their own brand. After Corre’s and Ree’s divorce in 2007, Agent Provocateur was purchased by the private equity house 3i for £60m.

With their new Bottomless Undergarments the Agent Provocateur ‘Edith’ lingerie collection is leading the trend of ‘Revealing Underwear’. Known for being “cheeky”, the new Agent Provocateur line features vintage-style, waist high knickers that reveal much of the backside. Detailed stitching on the bottoms features floral patterns while the bras are a hybrid of its quarter-cup design. An updated look of a classic undergarment, the ‘Edith’ collection is sassy, sultry and stylish.

And if your man is anything like me, one stroll through the apartment in these knickers will have him off the couch and at your beckoning call in a matter of seconds. But hey Agent Provocateur lingerie doesn’t come cheap. This one here costs £145, which is like Rs.11,500.

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