ASIN Needn’t Buy Lingerie or Take Commercial Flights Post- Marriage

Asin Thottumkal again bikini and bra panty pictureimagesActor Asin who made her Bollywood debut with Ghazini is marrying businessman Rahul Sharma by end of this year. Rahul Sharma is the co-founder of Micromax, the makers of low-cost mobile phones. The company did stupendously well and today Rahul Sharma has the luxury of owning his private jet. In fact Asin met Rahul on his private jet when Akshay Kumar and Asin were flying with him for one of their film’s promotion. Akshay played the cupid and hooked up Rahul Sharma with Asin. In fact Rahul is totally Bollywood-struck. Earlier he was ‘friendly’ with Sophie Choudhary.


Now why am I saying that Asin need not buy luxury lingerie after marriage? Well because Vikas Jain, the co-founder of Micromax and a friend of Rahul Sharma has taken the India license for Italian luxury lingerie brand, La Perla. Soon he will open the first La Perla flagship store at the DLF Emporio in Delhi. Being friends, Rahul Sharma’s wife won’t be allowed to pay for whatever she picks-up from La Perla. Wonder if Vikas Jain would make Asin the brand ambassadress of La Perla in India.

sophie_rahulasin-newAnd since Rahul Sharma owns a private jet, the days of taking commercial flights are over for Asin. Hence this Southie bombshell has found a good catch in Rahul Sharma. However Rahul Sharma should venture into starting or tying-up with a top deodorant brand as he would need loads of them with Asin!

15 Replies to “ASIN Needn’t Buy Lingerie or Take Commercial Flights Post- Marriage”

  1. Anthead says:

    Iski pehli biwi kaun thi? Any kids from that marriage?

  2. God_Shareef says:

    Nice, Apt, Adapt, Comfortable, Mutual, UnderStandable, Fitted, JoyFul,
    Can I kiss your head!!!

    🙂 🙂 🙂
    God Shareef

    P.S. Mera bhi ek question ADVANCE mein hi hai AntHead,
    Kya ye bhi baad mein kahin, WOHI to nahi nikklega???
    Aakhir to Nawaabi shauq nawaabi hi hota hai.
    Isske Private Nawaabi Jet ki kasam.

    Aapki God Shareef,
    Aapki, Qureshi ki haraam ki kamaai gayi Muzaffar ki Mori (nice outLet naa :-)) mein.
    JaaNisaar ki Kasam 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. sang says:

    any my question, who is the sugar daddy to Sophie now?

  4. Colossial says:

    jack you forgot that Asin would not require to deal with mobile phone purchase anymore. I think she may became brand ambassador of Micromax . As far I remember Rahul Sharma was Sophie Choudhary’s sugar daddy before Asin came to his life.

  5. Anthead says:

    Ha ha ha – thanks Shareef ji – par mujhe to laga tha jawab aapke paas hoga. As for WOHI – mujhe to Sophie ke har aashiq pe doubt hota hai. She’s such a tranny-face only a closetted man would find her hot.

  6. Gkt says:

    So the srilankan news is wrong?

  7. amisa says:

    Jack. What is the update on Sachin and Sara? Is he seeing someone else?

  8. jack says:

    Sachin’s single and busy politicking!

  9. moviemaniax says:

    i didn’t understand “tying-up with a top deodorant brand as he would need loads of them with Asin!” this part ,

  10. jack says:

    Asin’s got a major ‘BO’ problem…

  11. Silksmitha says:

    Jack i didnt get rhe last comment?

  12. gossipgirl says:

    Jack as you constantly dig up dirt on socialites, i wanna ask you something :do you know who is the socialite Hrithik was/ is having an affair with? Please answer. thanx.

  13. Magnavox says:

    Hey Jack, where are these hot pics from ? Asin used to be a shy mom’s darling in her early ays, so how did she manage these ones, not done by any mainstream Indian actress ?

  14. Roxanne says:

    Very interesting read indeed! But why be derogatory towards another Indian by labeling her a “Southie”? All is fair game here, but don’t think using racial or cultural epithets is needed or relevant, I mean after all, we’re all desis aren’t we?

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