Maderna – Bhanwri Devi’s SEX VIDEO

Sex Scandal of politicians are rarely reported but for former Water Resource Minister of Rajasthan, Mahipal Maderna things took a different turn as a secretly recorded video surfaced that showed Maderna and mid-wife Bhanwri Devi’s sex romp on the bed. Till now defiant about having any kind of relationship with Bhanwri Devi, Maderna started singing when CBI showed him his sexual escapades with the missing Bhanwri Devi on video.

Apparently the secret video was the handiwork of Bhanwri Devi as she was politically ambitious and was seeking a ticket to stand for the forthcoming state elections. The sex video was to bargain for the ticket. You can see the Sex Video here and don’t miss out the Super Granny Knickers of Bhanwri Devi:

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  1. we all friends are intrested to see bhanwari & madrena sex VDO.

  2. Rajas tan voted for the Congress Party in the last General Elections and has been rewarded with the kind of governance that even the Duke of York would have avoided. I am not endorsing the BJP regime in Jaipur under Vasundhara Raje Scindhia, but that Government avoided the sort of scandals which has made governance a non-issue in the state. I always wonder why the people of India who know that the Congress party is only a criminal organization, a facade for dynastic fascism, repeatedly vote for the Congress. The people of India voted out the NDA and are now reeling under the twin challenges of price rise, corruption and the consequent stagnant economic growth. But I digress.

    A typical congressman is only a courtier bred like lap dogs to grovel at the feet of the dynasty. Mahipal Maderna, a jat congressman and a detractor of Ashok Ghelot apparently had his concubine a nurse called Bhanwri Devi killed by a gang of Bishnoi criminals who were close to this Congressman. This woman given the fact that she has consorted with Congressmen had acquired a taste for life in the fast lane and had made a secret recording of this corpulent congressman in a total state of nudity as he fumbled and groped his way over the assets of this nurse. Even the other congressman, N D Tewari would have found Mahipal Maderna’s performance a trifle difficult to stomach. Congreessmen seem to have a genetic predisposition toward crime, sloth filth and violence. Who has forgotten the fact that Independent India’s largest massacre of its own citizens was orchestrated by the Congress Party.

    Bhanwri Devi and her cohorts started blackmailing the Congress minister with the CD. She should have known that Jats would have no qualms about killing her, afte rall she belonged to the Scheduled Caste. The nurse entrusted the job of having the CD auctioned to a local goon, Sahi Ram Bishnoi who hired two fellow Bishois to perhaps kill her and dispose off her body. Bishnois are generally a peaceful lot, but given the fact that Congressmen are around turn killers.

    Ashok Ghelot was informed about the CD nearly year back and like a cheap blackmailer used the information to keep the Jat faction leader Maderna in check. By not taking any step, Ashok Ghelot has shown himself to be not only incompetent but worse willing to blackmail for power. What else can none expect from a man who has spent 50 years in a criminal gang called the Congress party. The social fabric of Rajastan has begun to fray. The Meos, the Gujjars and now even the Jats are all violently opposed to the Congress. If the Bhanwri Devi killing leads to the fall of this Congress regime it will be welcome.

  3. Akash says:

    Banwari ji ke sath bhut bura hua h plzzzzz kam se kam un darindo ab apni galti maan leni chayiye jbi to unki aatma ko saanti millegi

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