Queenie Failed To Woo Perez Hilton

Desperate socialite Queenie Singh tried everything possible to host a bash for the visiting Celebrity Blogger Perez Hilton so as to get mentioned by Perez in his popular blog. But poor Queenie failed in her ambitious mission as Perez left India after holidaying in Rajasthan. Sources told me that Queenie desperately tried getting in touch with […]

Maderna – Bhanwri Devi’s SEX VIDEO

Sex Scandal of politicians are rarely reported but for former Water Resource Minister of Rajasthan, Mahipal Maderna things took a different turn as a secretly recorded video surfaced that showed Maderna and mid-wife Bhanwri Devi’s sex romp on the bed. Till now defiant about having any kind of relationship with Bhanwri Devi, Maderna started singing […]