Who is Delhi’s Birkin Queen?

I never understood the ‘Birkin Mania’! The bag is pretty basic in looks. In fact many find it outrightly ugly – it’s the Crocs (those ugly footwear) among Bags. Anyway thanks to Hermes’ marketing genious and the deliberate ‘waiting list’ gimmick, Birkin has achieved the cult status.

Like Scotch Whiskey where Delhi gulps down more Scotch than what’s produced in Scotland, it also has more Birkins than what Hermes manufactured.

Now coming back to unveiling the Delhi’s Birkin queen, well it’s a lesser known wifey of a rich guy – Pallavi Puri. Her hubby, Vicky Puri has got her a Birkin in almost every colour and size. Someone told me she’s got four Crocodile Birkins. And yes Pallavi’s collection is Original!

WHOW the kind of money people splurge on frivolous vanities make my head spin!

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