Birkin Is The Perennial Bitch!

The grotesque yet the most sought after handbag from Hermès- the coveted Birkin is the cause of many a heartburn. Most recently the auction house – Christie’s has been sued for $ 60 Million by another auctioneer – Heritage Auctions. The suit is over Christie’s International poaching the star of Heritage Auctions’ Luxury Goods  divisions – […]

LV’s Capucines Croc Bag Beats Birkin To Be The Costliest Handbag

World’s Number One Luxury Conglomerate – LVMH has been trying for years now to takeover Hermes and bring it under LVMH umbrella, both through talks and hostile takeover bids but haven’t been successful. So Louis Vuitton went for the next best option. They adopted a new strategy aiming for an improved luxury positioning and launched several […]

Trust Hermès To Come Out With A $13,000 Basketball

When it comes to creating uber expensive products, nobody can beat Hermès. To celebrate the reopening of its 12,000-square-foot Beverly Hills boutique on September 4th Hermès has created two bright blue basketballs, each priced at $ 12,900. The regular Spalding one costs $ 169.95. Hermès, which has turned out footballs and soccer balls in the past, opted for […]

Year-End ‘Scandalous’ List – Bag-Hags Who Flaunt Fake Birkins

The coveted Birkin has become the Black Label Scotch in India. Just like India sells and consume more Black-Label than it’s produced in Scotland, the number of Bag-Hags flaunting their Birkin are more than the bags sold by Hermes. You wondering how can that happen? Well darling it’s the ‘fakes’ that are floating around and […]

Who is Delhi’s Birkin Queen?

I never understood the ‘Birkin Mania’! The bag is pretty basic in looks. In fact many find it outrightly ugly – it’s the Crocs (those ugly footwear) among Bags. Anyway thanks to Hermes’ marketing genious and the deliberate ‘waiting list’ gimmick, Birkin has achieved the cult status. Like Scotch Whiskey where Delhi gulps down more […]

Hermès Opens its 2nd Store in Pune

This week, Hermès, the ultra-luxe brand opened its second store in India. Housed in the plush Ista Hotel, Pune, this store—like all other flagships of this label—has been designed by RDAI, interior design agency from Paris. The current well-rounded collection of Hermès products has shelves stocked with everything from handbags (even a Birkin, which you […]