Hermès Opens its 2nd Store in Pune

This week, Hermès, the ultra-luxe brand opened its second store in India. Housed in the plush Ista Hotel, Pune, this store—like all other flagships of this label—has been designed by RDAI, interior design agency from Paris. The current well-rounded collection of Hermès products has shelves stocked with everything from handbags (even a Birkin, which you can see in the pic above!) and jewellery to perfume. Hermes is slated to open a larger Mumbai store at the Taj Mahal Hotel by May 2011.

Hermès  is the only luxury label to have opted for Pune to open its store. I guess it’s got something to do with the common love for HORSES that binds Hermès and Pune. Hermès started off as a company making hand-stitched saddles and other equestrian accessories. And of course we have moneybags like the Poonawalas and Natasha Poonawala is quiet a shopaholic and the infamous Hasan Ali, the man with multiple Swiss Accounts.

2 Replies to “Hermès Opens its 2nd Store in Pune”

  1. Anthead says:

    They expect The Poonawala to single-handedly keep them in business? Awww, doesn’t this break poor Anu Dewan’s heart?

  2. Anil Khandelwal says:

    I am happy to learn that there is a Hermes store in pune. Please advise its address and telephone number.

    anil Khandelwal

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