Mistress’ Fortune

I conclude the ‘Mistress-Gate’ with bringing to you the huge wealth this small time caterer amassed from her industrialist ‘Lover’. By the way, the fuming mistress called me and abused me and had only one thing to complain about – “Why are you after my Rozi-Roti?” She never spoke of love or heart-break. All she was bothered about was Money.

I am proud that post my blogging, the Industrialist has vowed to severe all connections with the mistress and the family is back together, stronger than before.

Miss Nina J who makes a modest Rs. 25000 to Rs. 30,000 a month lives in a spacious 3 bedroom apartment in the tony locality of Juhu. The market value of the apartment is anywhere between Rs. 8 to 10 Crores. She flaunts expensive jewelley like a 3 Carat Solitaire Diamond ring, sapphire rings and her latest purchases include a Rs. 10 Lakh Breguet Watch, a Limited Edition Ferragamo Bag and Rs. 30 Lakh necklace made of Uncut Diamons, Emeralds and Rubies. It was the Industrialist lover who paid her bills, paid for all her foreign holidays, children’s foreign education and even took upon himself the losses incurred by Nina J’s incompetent son’s many a failed business ventures.

Madam Nina also tried hard to get her son a stake in the Industrialist’s business of Coal Mining in Indonesia, Luckily sense prevailed and the lover didn’t fall for it.

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  1. Anthead says:

    I’m assuming that the coal mining business also falls under the HUF umbrella, in which case, would SKJ be ever legally able to hand over a piece of it to her son? I would love to believe that this story has had a happy conclusion, but alas, strange are the ways of the heart. He’s lived this way for decades – why would one blog post change him?

    If you’re reading this sir, I totally understand being in love and being unable to see reason. But when you’re being so blatantly milked for your wealth, it really is time to cut your losses. It’s going to hurt like hell to let go, but trust me, it’s going to get better in the end.

  2. Common Man says:

    You are great and brave! these so called socialites and celebrities are horrible people with fake pride.

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