Issssh…Peter Seemed Such A ‘Bhadrolok’

MACABRE MURDERThe macabre murder saga involving Indrani and Peter Mukerjea has become a national pastime. And for Bengalis who are famous for their ‘aadda’ (gossip/conversation) culture, the sordid saga has been lapped up with passion. Peter Mukerjea is a Bengali but hardly has any typical traits of a Bengali. But that doesn’t bother his Bong brethren who have a bias favouring him. The superlatives I used in the heading are typically Bengali. ‘Issssh’ is an oft-used term expressing shame or disgust. If you recall the movie Devdas, Aishwarya Rai often uttered ‘Issssh’ more as an expression of shyness kinda shame. Bhadrolok is a gentleman. So obviously the city’s Bongs are sympathetic about their Bong brother – Peter Mukerjea and are liberally passing judgments.

INDRANI_PETER_WEDDINGAssamese and Bengalis share a love-hate relationship and Indrani Mukerjea being an Assamese do draw the wrath. Bongs – typically are not-so-fond of rich capitalists and don’t lose any opportunity to spill venom when a money bag gets into trouble for making it big illegally.

Rahul the PussySo I enjoyed overhearing this conversation at a Bengali club where for a change, Indrani and Peter Mukerjea saga mixed well with Old Monk Rum. (Bongs don’t drink Captain Morgan). Everybody had their own conspiracy theories. Indrani was the villain and a ruthless gold-digger who excelled in the art of ‘pu**y management’ while Peter was a dumb and  successful executive who fell for the superficial charm of the Suparnakha aka Indrani. The savvier amongst the group who boasted about knowing Peter personally however blamed Peter and his philandering ways and hinted something naughty between him and Sheena. The brother of the deceased Sheena was discounted as a dodo who looked very much a ‘mataal’ (drunkard).

31indrani1God only knows what’s the truth behind this sordid saga. But I had many colleagues who joined INX and were jobless after 8months and none of them had anything good to say about Indrani. Peter Mukerjea is behaving like a typical escapist; trying to be this blind lover who is/was enamoured by Indrani. But those hundreds of journalist who lost a lot because of Peter and Indrani’s nefarious INX project feel Karma is doing its work.

I am just hoping that for the coming Durga Puja, nobody takes to Indrani and Peter Mukerjea saga as their pandal decor theme….


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  1. sang says:

    Hi Jack, read a blog yesterday in which it was mentioned that “someone” close to Indrani and sheena both went to thailand and after sometime when indrani found sheena’s boarding pass while checking out her belongings; she got to know about these things and sheena’s pregnancy. so may be that “someone” is Peter himself. In the blog it was also mentioned that they both are known for swapping. & also as some reputed person put his status on Fb questioning 1st husband Das whereabouts and hinting may be he is not alive and may be he was Indrani’s 1st victim and from that incident only Indrani got the courage to plan something dangerous like this…. OMG so many questions and no answers… And not in Kolkata or Assam but all over India everyone is talking about this incident only.

  2. Nupur S says:

    The first husband is alive, saw him (face covered) on Arnab’s interview on Times Now. The way he spoke– “I work in a small company”– and I was thinking– from ‘S Das to Sanjeev Khanna to Peter M. What a big jump’?

  3. Anthead says:

    I have two questions. Was INX hatched as a money-siphoning scheme from the very beginning? In other words, did the Mukerjeas have no intention of ever running a successful channel network and merely wanted to cash out when a poorly managed venture inevitably crashed?

    Second, why is a junior nobody in Mahesh Jethmalani’s office with no criminal litigation experience Indrani’s defence lawyer? Is it because Peter and Jethmalani have subtly distanced themselves from her legal defence? Jethmalani is actively defending Peter and has even given statements on his behalf but clearly doesn’t want to be seen as Indrani’s lawyer.

  4. Shivani says:

    So the 1st husband has been discovered.. So what’s the reality in this bizzare murder

  5. sang says:

    Yes now the 1st husband or 1st lover, whatever the relation was, has been discovered.. everything is so confusing. Indrani seems like a tough cookie to crack, even after 10 days she didnt accept that she killed sheena and still stating that she is in US. Arnab have a point when he asked Das that how he called up Sheena the same year /time when Indrani got married to Khanna and later on to Peter. Or was it really a coincidence or he was keeping a tab on Indrani.

  6. SG says:

    Hey Jack.. (Not related to above topic).. Do you know what happened to Aditya Chopra’s ex wife Payal? Did she marry again?

  7. gossipgirl says:

    Hey jack! can you write something about the lattest bollywood gossips/controversies that you’re aware of?? it’ll be a ATBB thread, i tell you 😉 please do consider this.

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