Sabeer Bhatia ‘Single’ Yet Again

Tanya-Sharma & Sabeer-BhatiaSilicon Valley entrepreneur – Sabeer Bhatia who married Tanya Sharma in an extravagant 3-day affair in Malaysia filed for a divorce in January 2013 at the Superior Court of San Francisco. The cause cited was ‘irreconcilable differences’.

Sabeer Bhatia @ Jaxtr LaunchAnyway the divorce petition has been formalised now but details about how much Bhatia paid Tanya Sharma for an amicable settlement is not known yet. Sabeer and Tanya’s daughter – Ariana however will stay with mother.

Tanya SharmaGrapevine says that Tanya turned out to be a really ‘high-maintenance-wife’ and that’s where things started to go wrong. Well Sabeer Bhatia should have known that he is marrying a gold-digger…

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  1. pk says:

    shes the sister of delhi’s notorious social climber vikram baidyanath. i am not surprised Mr bhatia has realised what this family is all about.

  2. P.S. says:

    The “grapevine” that you speak of, defaming Tania (Sharma) Bhatia as a “gold digger”, could not be further from the truth: Tania is from an extremely affluent and influential family. She has been born into wealth and raised with wealth- there is no dearth of money in her family. The Indian press dubbed her “the Baidyanath heiress” in articles even predating her engagement to Sabeer, a catch phrase that was tossed around in practically every article later written about the couple. It is surprising how that is now forgotten. On the other hand, the press has made no bones about Sabeer being a well known Playboy, with numerous liaisons under his belt. And now that he is “single again”, as you put it, news of his philandering ways will undoubtedly soon resurface.

    Tania is too respectable to share her side of the story with the media, but the glaring fact remains that she is left alone with a baby.

    Regarding the comment above from “PK”: Vikram (Sharma) “Baidyanath” has only distant ties with the Baidyanath brand. He has no close association to Tania or her immediate family.

  3. vijay says:

    i just spoke to Tania in San Francisco and they have separated . Sad but true. But i know Tania very well and she is definitely not a gold digger or high maintenance. These are not the reasons for separation. This is wrong information and speculation.

  4. Nh says:

    This is in response to what ‘pk’ and ‘ps’ have written. I know the ‘Baidyanath Family’ and they are very illustrious and good people. I feel sad about Tania and Sabeer’s divorce. Though Tania tried her best to make the marriage work. My heart goes out to Ariana. Regarding the comment by ‘ps’ that ” Vikrum Baidyanath has only distant ties with the Baidyanath brand” only a bias or ignorant person about the ‘Baidyanath’ ownership can comment like this. Vikrum’s parents are one of the major shareholders of ‘Baidyanath’. Vikrum is the grandson of the founder of ‘Baidyanath’ just as Tania is the granddaughter of the same founder

  5. Priya says:

    PS u sound like sum1 v close to Tania Bhatia. Surely u know that she pursued the filandering womanising Sabeer for over a decade. He was a womaniser always, leopard doesnt change its spots. She always knew this, but still went after him. Why?? Think… Every1 in Calcutta society knows its no hidden fact that her family only runs after rich people. Now why do you pretend that Vikram Baidyanath is some distant relative when he is Tania’s first cousin? sounds like infighting in thier family.

  6. Anshul says:

    Response to PK

    “Glaring fact she is left alone with a baby”…………. we are supposed to feel sorry for her? Is she the first divorcee in the world with a child?

    sounds like you people are her sympathisers, totally biased. Baidyanath PR machine is working perfectly well.

  7. Manmeet says:

    I am a divorced women. My husband left me when my child was 4. When I read these comments I feel so sad that people can talk like this. I’m sure she is going through a really tough time right now. No anshul she is not the only divorcee in the world but that doesn’t mean each of them don’t go thro agony and pain. Only a man could have said something like this! And for the women like priya it is only coz of people like you that women are treated like shit in our country! Shameful!

  8. Anshul says:

    Manmeet the fact that you attacking the reader Priya for no reason, shows u are infact a part of the Baidyanath PR team………..

    If you women want Pity for being divorced with kids, then you have my pity. Manipulative women like you will play all the cards you have in your hand.

  9. God_ShaReeF says:

    Aye aye
    You all Close Claimers Chaddhi Buddy types of this so called Confused Cornetto of Big Clans of Modi’s, Burman’s & now these BaidhyaNathans…
    Ohh cummon…
    This Vik’a’ram Sharma & her… yesSs you know why “her” (though gender wise should be ‘his’… anyhow…) So VS & ‘HER’ sister Pushpanjali have got a solid mechanism of PR machinery in this Page3 industry and above fuc$ing boring “VaarTaaLaap” (“conversation” in english for all those squeamish hindi fans in their hearts)…
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    $hit you Morons…
    Enough of your One ka Two targets from same bunch of Big Bananas.
    Ohhh Vikaram you love Bananas!!!
    i know yaar 🙂
    Kindly allow me to sleep… ZzzzZzzzZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  10. stalker says:

    Now I ain’t sayin’ she a gold digger, but she ain’t messin’ wit no broke niggas – Kanye West.

  11. Monica says:

    Well bananas are good and nutritious provided they go into the right orifice

  12. God_ShaReeF says:

    Ayeeeee Monica (see above)
    That’s Rotten Orifice
    You gottme na baby 🙁
    Shall i say more?
    Main to chupp hoon
    Zyada bolne ka aadat nahi
    Censor lagaa dega JD 🙁
    Mouth nee Banana…
    Ohh LaLa Ooo LaLa
    Rotten Rotten
    Thoo (Spit)

  13. Anthead says:

    “Baidyanath heiress” – rofl!!!! chyavanprash karkhana waalon ki bhi heiress hoti hain? Oh lawd – these lala families and their pretensions.

    Anyone who marries fugly Sabeer Bhatia (who thinks he deserves a drop dead gorgeous woman because of his money) has it coming.

  14. namita says:

    How judgmental can the writer of this article be? Do you know any of them personally to call anyone a gold digger? Are you implying Tania stayed married for 5 years to get money out of her hubby? Isn’t that totally crappy thinking? She is from a rich background herself- maybe Sameer married her to get linked to a well respected family, and there’s no harm in dooing that. Whatever be the case- as a journalist, you can not be so judgmental on people without knowing your facts.
    This is a terrible article.

  15. Rajiv Lumb says:

    He seems to be a very well behaved guy. AIshwarya should divorce Abhishek and marry Him.

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