This is How Raj Kundra Made His Millions?

Kundra_Betting ScamWhen the IPL Spot-Fixing scam hit the nation with the arrest of three Rajasthan Royals players, the social circuit spoke about Raj Kundra’s involvement in hushed tones. Raj Kundra may brag in magazine interviews about his ‘Rags to Riches’ story – how he sold Pashmina shawls imported from India in the European market and made his first big-bucks and then ventured on to trading home aplliances, jewelery and stuff. But then every NRI in London knows about the real deal behind Kundra’s mega bucks. The magic formula was a mega-million VAT Fraud.

Shilpa-shetty-raj-kundra-295The Multi-million VAT scam is basically a complex system of defrauding the government of taxes by creating bogus importing companies. Unfortunately many NRIs in UK indulged in the VAT scam. Some got caught and few lucky ones escaped and now polluting the country of their origin.

It seems IPL Team owners have taken to ‘Betting’ as an integral part of their ‘Revenue Model’. And since the law against ‘Betting’ is so mild in India, the likes of Gurunath Meiyappan and Raj Kundra indulged in it. Like Vindoo Dara Singh and Gurunath, Raj Kundra too knows very well that any confession made to police isn’t admissible in court, a vehement denial will follow.

Bloody crooks. Hope Raj Kundra is ousted from IPL and any other form of Indian Cricket permanently. He should go back to VAT Scam!!!

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  1. SG says:

    If you google Ripu Sudan Kundra which is his real name, there’s a list of his failed businesses some of which he started with his ex wife.. Its no surprise that he spends so much time in India..

  2. Minal says:

    Yes, and then he dumped his wife and kid to marry that gold digging Shilpa. How these people can go ahead and plan their lives while breaking someone’s heart, abandoning a toddler beats me. Well, what goes around comes around so lets wait and watch how Kundra and his wife get their comeuppance.

  3. Laveena says:

    Wow! And I always thought he was into properties and real estate in LON worth the skies…or that’s what his cronies would let you know. Explains why he married a movie star, and his bad dress sense. Wow! Explains everything! Thanks to the commenters for providing extra info.

    No judgment on what he is or isn’t. But what surprises me lately, is how soon a facade breaks. It’s been happening so often lately with various personalities, it freaks me out!

  4. Who Cares? says:

    Well, Shilpa Shetty has a past. No, not just a sexual one. Her parents were in deep doo doo for having the underworld make calls to a saree brand owner which she modeled for. Seems the chap owed Shilpa some money for the modeling and her parents weren’t willing to wait any longer. In steps the underworld. Legal ways don’t suit Shilpa’s ogre mother. Parents were in jial. At the time, Shilpa was linked with Mallya. I’m sure Mallya pulled some strings to get her parents out of the mess. It’s rumoured that there’s a statue of a nude Shilpa Shetty next to a “wealthy tycoon’s swimming pool”…the tycoon has got to be Mallya.

    Here’s some well researched dirt on gold digging Shilpa and her scum bag parents.

  5. Anthead says:

    Ha ha – Kavita is probably laughing her ass off – she’d probably get on the phone with Shilpa and say – ab bol – zor ka jhatka haye zoron se laga!

    I’m not surprised it’s some sort of tax arbitrage scam – that’s what the vast majority of Kundras of the world end up doing.

  6. Claire Fallow says:

    Actually he made his money from drug dealing I grew up in London and heard this information first hand from a family member. His dad made a fraudulent claim from a British insurance company and got a huge payout. They are both very dishonest.

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