FREIDA PINTO’s Baggage Loss Worked To Her Vantage

En route Canada for Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), Freida Pinto’s baggage with all her high-fashion clothes got misplaced and later when found, the baggage got stuck at the Customs. Freida is at TIFF to promote her new movie – Trishna.

But Lady Pinto did not fret and fume like our typical Bollywood actresses (Like Shilpa Shetty when she lost her baggage in Miami for shooting of Dostana and shopped extravagantly at the Producer’s expense.) and sent off her entourage on a shopping spree. Instead Freida opened her suitcase that she probably carried as a hand-baggage and pulled out a poppy red knee-length dress by Sanchita Ajjampur that was custom-made for Freida

When Freida Pinto walked in to the InStyle’s Toronto Film Festival Photo Studio, the fashionistas simply loved the Red Frock in which Freida sizzled. They went, “You look so lovely Frieda. So who you wearing?” And that’s when Freida narrated her story of baggage getting lost but luck being on her side, she had this pretty Sanchita Ajjampur number in her suitcase. InStyle published this anecdote and also gave a brief introduction of Sanchita AjjampurPinto’s look is one of a kind, but the India-based Ajjampur, who serves as a design consultant for Lanvin and Chloe, has her own line named Sanchita if you want to score a similar look. Visit to see her latest designs.”

I remember Sanchita Ajjampur telling me about her consultancy work with LANVIN during the recent Mens Week but I didn’t know about her association with CHLOE. I checked with Sanchita and she said, CHLOE bit is outdated. I designed for CHLOE but it was few years back.”

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    7 Well said. I never thought I would agree with you, but I’m starting to view things from a different view. I have to research more and more on this as it seems very interesting. One thing I don’t understand though is how everything is related together.

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