Money Can’t Buy You Style Raj Kundra

Style is inborn; style can be inculcated but style cannot be bought. One perfect example of this Raj Kundra, better known as the NRI husband of Shilpa Shetty.

First of all I don’t understand the trimmed beard. Probably it is to conceal the facial marks. But what would explain the glares at the middle of the night? Is Raj Kundra trying hard to project a Starry attitude? Worse is the unsightly sweat stains on his white shirt. Raj bhai, there’s something called a deodorant, which also controls sweating. You launched a fragrance dedicated to Shilpa (which sank without a trace. The only one I ever saw was at a friend’s house that was exclusively used to repel the foul smell when their adorable Boxer-Jojo farted.) and you sure are aware of deodorants.

At the recently held birthday bash of Shilpa Shetty, Raj Kundra was spotted in an ill-fitted black leather pants and a grey shiny shirt in Polyviscose. In the sweltering and humid weather of Mumbai in June, the very sight of leather and viscose makes me uncomfortable, wonder how Kundra felt wearing them.

Shilpa Shetty should do something about Raj Kundra’s style statement and fashion sense. It’s very selfish of her to concentrate only about her look. Shilpa why don’t you hire Pernia Qureshi? I heard she has started a venture as a ‘Personal Shopper’. One drawback though, Pernia has a reputation to fleece her clients (Bechari can’t help as the hubby Arjun Prasad is almost a Ghar-Jamai) and push them to buy labels that her friends have interest in, like Dior. Anil Kapoor nowadays wears only Dior Homme.

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  1. mentos says:

    couldnt agree more jack….

    i cant look beyond the second pic…

    even jaats from haryana dress betta…(no offence )

  2. The guy seemed extremely smart when he first landed on Mumbai shores, and you wondered what the hell he was doing with Shilpa? But then he just wanted some of her fame and recognition because being another big businessman in London was not enough. Not surprised that he’s become totally Bollywoodised.

    That girl who made India’s first fashion film? What a travesty that was!

  3. GG says:

    those leather pants..yuck. is this a new trend in Bwood? I saw a pic of Aishwarya Rai wearing tight fitted leather pants. scary trend i must say.
    First velvet jackets and now leather pants…

  4. rumor mill says:

    absolutely…i wld not want to be seen in the same frame as the man so pathetically just need little grooming cuz they barely bother abt ther who put too much effort into looking stylish n swanky come across as shd b surely can buy good clothes but not good taste or attitude.So ms shilpa the next time u step a foot outside ur house don’t forget to look at ur husband too:))

  5. mentos says:

    jack did he really sell shawls n become a millionare?

  6. jack says:

    Not really but Raj Kundra started off by selling shawls in London. He embroidered cheap shawls and sold them at high margins in Uk. Kundra also made big-bucks in some VAT Scam and now he has mining business among other things.

  7. Miss Bond says:

    wat can u expect from a guy whose father was a “kabadi” (scarp dealer)!!

  8. Mainpoint says:

    What kind of a wife is Shilpa if she cant advise her husband on grooming? But why would she care? She never married him for his looks or sense of grooming… for that she has so many others…didnt you see Sr Mallya smooching Shilps at IPL 4 and 3, didnt you see her advertise herself with a bedsheet covered on her on Yahoo….She married Raj so she could get him to invest 100Cr in IPL, in her spas, Juhu apartment, Andheri office, night club, Burj Khalifa flat in Dubai and her rocks!!! Make sure he remains here in India and visits London less often, never mind if he is unable to meet his baby. He can look ugly, smell ugly, harbor financial tensions, become old before his age…. suck the last drop out and then find another! So simple. These Gold diggas ace only in that.

  9. Mainpoint says:

    and let the world make fun of him after all that!!!! How trecherous!

  10. VK says:

    Talking of Imaging/ shopping consultants– while Pernia is very good at her work can you do an expose on some socialites turned Imaging consultants who are running a racket of just getting the new-money to buy brands they have a business relationship with. What’s worse, I heard some families are taken in by the glib talk of some of these conwomen and are sending their 8 and 10 year old daughters to learn about makeup and style. Sad, sad.

  11. Anthead says:

    Someone’s taking style tips from Pernia? Why?

  12. jack says:

    Yeah there are lots of people with shit-loads of money, Black Money I guess who hire the likes of Pernia Qureshi.

  13. mentos says:

    vat scam….. woah!!

    thnx for info though :p

  14. Dane Gerbig says:

    Our customers are infested with idiots who try to impress by using pretentious jargon.
    Company is never so healthy as when, being a chicken, it has to perform a certain quantity of scratching around for what it gets.

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