Mumbai Toasts Intn’l Fashion & Tom Cruise

Usually Sunday Nights are Dead Nights as the party-hearties recuperate from Saturday Night Madness and then there was the high-profile bash of Anil Kapoor’s for Tom Cruise. But tonight – the Sunday Night will keep the chatterati, gliteratti and fashionistas busy.

Mercedes-Benz World Catwalk, a new program by the luxury car maker is kicking off from India tonight where 4 London Designers and Indian Designer-duo showcase their work. Mercedes-Benz World Catwalk will travel globally to connect fashion across boundaries. Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna, the Indian design team should encash on this global exposure. The four London designers are regulars at London Fashion Week and couple of them are great talents. Issa, Felder Felder, Mark Fast and Todd Lynn will showcase key looks from their Spring/Summer 2012 Coleections and so would our Rohit Gandhi+Rahul Khanna at Taj Landsend.

Now the fact that Anil Kapoor hosted an exclusive bash at the Taj Rooftop for Tom Cruise is common knowledge. But what I got to know may not be. Apparently Sonam Kapoor, who had a big say in who to have on the guest-list was dead against Queenie being on it. Remember how Queenie complained to Sonam’s Mom when Sonam made a nasty remark about Queenie’s cosmetic-surgery addiction on Koffee with Karan? Well that did not go down well with Sonam as mommy made her say ‘Sorry’ to Queenie aunty. Did Queenie manages to sneak in to this high-profile bash??? Any news guys???

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  1. Yttsuts says:

    If sonam has any say then must say she is THICK to let the vamp z in… just luk at the way she was falling all over cruise; anil was like “jeeez why in the world did I invite this loud chipku maniac?” Luks like such events are used as props to make it luk like allz fine n dandy . when fact is she has been messing around with many powerful n influential men n pissing around on many issues not to be metted out with a karmic backfire soon!!! Psychos like these who hate men snarl against those they think fear them n cobble against reverse backlash of dadagiri.

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